May 9, 2024 – Top Loss Elizabeth Miller, ADP Small Biz Erron Stark and Paging Doctor Fran Dr. Franziska Haydanek

May 9, 2024 – Top Loss Elizabeth Miller, ADP Small Biz Erron Stark and Paging Doctor Fran Dr. Franziska Haydanek

Elizabeth Miller – CEO of Top Health Source

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller is the CEO of Top Health Source, home of Calotren. She is wife and mother to a spunky 9 year old girl who loves everything pink.  She used to be a teacher but she has always been into health so when an opportunity to joint Calotren came about, she had to jump on it.  It was a big thing when she was in high school, and now the company is America’s #1 choice for healthy weight loss. She has been working at Calotren for 10 years now, but Calotren has been around since 1997. It was created by owners Randy and Lisa Roney. Lisa was a nurse and had created it more as a health supplement and then people noticed it helped tremendously with weight loss.

Erron Stark – Vice President and General Manager of Small Business Services at ADP

Erron Stark

Erron Stark leads ADP’s small business service operations for the east region. His team is responsible for the end-to-end service experience for over 200K small business clients. With more than 18 years in the HCM industry, Erron has held many leadership roles at ADP with responsibilities including sales, operations and strategy. A native of Staten Island, New York and currently living in New Jersey, Erron is an avid golfer when not spending time with his wife Marissa and his three young children or traveling the globe. Erron and his wife are active fund raisers for their Foundation that benefits Pediatric Heart Disease research.

Dr. Franziska Haydanek – Paging Doctor Fran, Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB-GYN) on Women’s Health from the Basics and Beyond for May is National Women’s Health Awareness Month – Sponsored by Opill

Dr. Franziska Haydanek

Dr. Franziska Haydanek provides care in all facets of women’s health, including well-woman exams and screenings, contraception guidance, and both low-risk and high-risk prenatal care. She also has a special interest in PCOS management, menopausal hormone therapy, minimally invasive surgery and lactation/breastfeeding medicine. She is a mother of three children, and an online educator for all things related to obstetrics & gynecology.