May 6, 2024 – $300 Million in Real Estate Jason Yarusi and Medical Improvements Amy Brown

May 6, 2024 – $300 Million in Real Estate Jason Yarusi and Medical Improvements Amy Brown

Jason Yarusi – Managing Member at Yarusi Holdings & Vice President at W. A. Building Movers & Contractors, Inc.

You could buy a 10 unit, a 20 unit, or a 300 unit building. It is basically the
same steps. It comes down to are you mentally ready for the opportunity
to do a bigger project?

Jason Yarusi

Jason Yarusi is a private fund manager of over $300 million dollars in commercial real estate. Since 2017 his company, Yarusi Holdings, has amassed over 3000 apartment and commercial real estate units. Jason has built and exited multiple companies: construction, restaurants, a brewery and multiple large apartment communities. Jason is the host of LIVE100 and The Multifamily Live Podcast, runs 7 Figure Multifamily Mastermind and coaches clients on the Live 100 Principles. Jason is an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor. Jason and his wife Pili founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 2300 units acquired since 2017. The firm repositions properties through operational efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations, and complete rebranding. Jason also hosts The Multifamily Live Podcast a podcast that provides actionable content and tools to build and strengthen your multifamily business. Jason is the founder of the Multifamily Live Club with over 3,100 members that focuses on Multifamily Investing and trains others on the success formula for buying apartment buildings at

Amy Brown – Founder and CEO of Authenticx

I wanted to find a way to bring insight that come from call center
conversations into the rest of the business. Everybody needs to
be listening to the voice of the customer.

Amy Brown

Amy Brown is the founder and CEO of Authenticx, a healthcare AI startup. The software platform that analyzes and activates patients’ voices at scale to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. Amy built her career as a rising executive in the healthcare industry, during which time she advocated for underserved populations, led and mobilized teams to expand healthcare coverage to thousands of Indiana residents, and learned the nuance of corporate operations. In 2018, Amy decided to leverage her decades of industry experience to tackle healthcare through technology. She founded Authenticx with the mission to bring the authentic voice of the patient into the boardroom and increase positive healthcare outcomes. Her personal experiences, like a profession in social work and observing her physician father’s approach to patient care, drove an inherent desire to crush the overwhelming complexities in healthcare – even without a technology background. Amidst the AI boom, Authenticx was the only female-founded AI startup in the Midwest to secure Series B funding last year. The momentum that followed the capital investment, including improvements to the company’s AI models, fueled 2x revenue growth and doubled Authenticx’s customer base in 12 months. Authenticx was also named one of America’s fastest-growing private companies by the 2023 Inc. 5000, and secured the No. 1 spot in Indiana.