April 6, 2021 – Fitness Founder Russ Yeager and Accenture Tech Vision Michael Biltz

April 6, 2021 – Fitness Founder Russ Yeager and Accenture Tech Vision Michael Biltz

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Russ Yeager – CEO at Russ Yeager Peak Performance Coaching

Double down baby! When the pandemic hit, our leads slowed down.
But if I am going to go down, I am going to go down swinging. So,
we doubled down on marketing and on our efforts.

Russ Yeager is known as a Physique Transformation Expert, and is currently one of the top fitness coaches in the world. After winning an international physique transformation contest himself, Russ was inspired to leave his career as a CPA, and dedicate his life to helping others look and feel amazing, reach goals they never thought possible, and “Exercise Their Right To Be Awesome.” Russ owns two private personal training studios in Atlanta, GA, is the author of “Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Great Naked!”, and has written for and appeared in numerous Fitness publications. Russ has helped thousands of men and women all over the world make dramatic physique and health transformations. Russ and his team recognizes that as a business owner – YOU are your biggest asset. Your body and your energy IS essentially your entire business. Russ thus helps business owners and entrepreneurs to fill their gaps in their businesses by helping them gain the energy, confidence, and health to reach their full potential in both their business AND their personal lives.

Michael Biltz – Managing Director of Accenture Technology Vision at Accenture Technology Labs

In the last year, 94% of supply chains were disrupted in some way
and 75% of those were significantly disrupted. Our technology
was not as resilient as we thought it was. 

Michael Biltz has been on the show before and leads Accenture’s Vision R&G group and the enterprise’s annual vision process. They clarify Accenture’s perspective on the future of tech including IoT, social, mobility, cloud, and Big Data. Prior to his current role, Michael led the Businesses Development efforts for Technology Lab’s Accenture Innovation. There he managed the Labs’ relationship with Accenture’s internal organizations to direct research and development as well as managing the deployment efforts of surrounding Lab’s assets to Accenture. He is with us today to share Accenture’s latest tech data.