April 5, 2021 – PureLife Organics Inc. co-founder Todd Lamb and Remote Leadership Kevin Eikenberry

April 5, 2021 – PureLife Organics Inc. co-founder Todd Lamb and Remote Leadership Kevin Eikenberry

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Todd Lamb – Co-Founder PureLife Organics Inc.

It doesn’t matter how good anything is for you, it still has to
taste good. So that is a critical component. 

Todd found early on that not only is his mental health affected by his job but so is his overall well-being. The secret to Todd staying mentally and physically fit through his career? Always putting others before himself. And according to a study published by Mayo Clinic, acts of service can lead to an overall happier and healthier life. Todd began his career as an army veteran and former S.W.A.T. team leader. After his wife suffered a devastating back injury that turned her world upside down, Todd decided to leave behind a 20-year career in public service to serve in a different manner: finding a solution for his wife and thousands of others through natural supplements. Todd’s current role as CEO of PureLife Organics provides natural and organic supplements that nourish and promote a healthy metabolism and bio-response. If helping others achieve a healthier way of life wasn’t enough, Todd also dedicates a majority of his business model to committed investments in drone reforestation efforts – assisting some of the largest nonprofits in the ongoing battle against climate change.

Kevin Eikenberry  – Co-founder of Remote Leadership Institute

There is a difference between working from home and being an
effective remote teammate. You want to hire for effective remote teammates! Hire someone that wants to be a part of something
bigger than themselves.

Kevin Eikenberry founded the Kevin Eikenberry Group in 1993 and is the cofounder of the Remote Leadership Institute. Eikenberry has twice been named one of Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World. He is the author or coauthor of three Amazon bestsellers: Remarkable Leadership, From Bud to Bossand The Long-Distance Leader. In THE LONG-DISTANCE TEAMMATE, Eikenberry and Turmel offer readers at all levels of an organization clear and compelling advice for moving from team members to teammates, especially as many of us make the shift from a temporary to more permanent work from home mindset. Further, their new book offers a roadmap for individuals, allowing them to take ownership of their own engagement to their work and relieving the stress and frustrations that can come from remote working arrangements. The book goes beyond just getting your work done from home and offers advice like how to make sure you’re on the boss’ radar for big projects, promotions, etc.; getting feedback when there’s no one around to give it; and how to bridge the gap between expectations and reality with managers and colleagues.