August 29, 2018 – 1000 Employees Lenny Verkhoglaz, Entrepreneurial Marriage Richard Nongard and Fit for Purpose David J. Anderson

August 29, 2018 – 1000 Employees Lenny Verkhoglaz, Entrepreneurial Marriage Richard Nongard and Fit for Purpose David J. Anderson

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Lenny Verkhoglaz – CEO of Executive Home Care Franchising, LLC

Lenny Verkhoglaz is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Executive Care, a Home Health Care franchise. His responsibilities include growing and strengthening the Executive Care brand, improving the overall system and satisfying franchisees and customers. Before founding Executive Care, Lenny spent nearly two decades in the healthcare and insurance industries in a variety of senior management positions. His management experience allows him to build and manage companies at all levels of growth. In 2004, he, his wife Mila and her brother Alex co-founded Executive Care, today one of the largest Home Health Care companies in Northern NJ. They continue to own and operate their NJ location. A first-generation immigrant, Lenny had worked his way through school and up the ladder in the IT and computer industry. Now, he was on a mission to fulfill the American dream and become an entrepreneur. They’ve have brought on a number of franchise owners across the country and continue to advance their mission of providing home care with the “executive touch,” treating their clients with the utmost respect and dignity while growing their home care model.
Lenny VerkhoglazLenny Verkhoglaz

Dr. Richard Nongard – Public Speaker, Keynotes Presentations with 

Richard Nongard is an expert in business leadership and business psychology. He started out in car sales in the early 1980’s and parlayed his sales experience into leadership experience by moving on as an entrepreneur and executive in both the healthcare and educational sectors. He is a licensed psychotherapist who views his training in counseling as a degree in “problem-solving.” Richard is a serial entrepreneur and has owned several restaurants and e-commerce platforms. He shares a pathway of engaging community, changing a culture and building identity as the formula for leadership and business results. His latest book, “Transformational Leadership: How To Lead From Your Strengths And Maximize Your Impact” is available on Amazon. He provides solution-focused training’s and keynote speeches to company’s looking for real-world solutions and developing leaders at all levels. Richard is an expert in contextual psychology, problem-solving, emotional and social intelligence, and appreciative inquiry.
Richard NongardRichard Nongard

David J. Anderson – Chairman of Lean Kanban Inc and Author of Fit for Purpose: How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy, & Keep Customers

David J. Anderson is chairman of Lean Kanban Inc, a management training, publishing and event planning business based in Seattle and operating globally through its brand Lean Kanban University. David pioneered the Kanban Method to drive improvement in service delivery with professional services, intangible goods, creative and knowledge worker business ranging from IT services to advertising agencies, architecture firms, and PR companies. He is the creator of Enterprise Services Planning and the Fit For Purpose Framework for corporate strategy, market research, market segmentation, product management and service design. He is a popular keynote speaker at conferences around the world and is the author or co-author of six books including the international best-seller “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business.
David J. AndersonDavid J. Anderson