August 31, 2018 – 40 Biz Owner Terry Monroe, SmallBiz Sherpa Gary Brose and Peach State Pride Kari Chitwood

August 31, 2018 – 40 Biz Owner Terry Monroe, SmallBiz Sherpa Gary Brose and Peach State Pride Kari Chitwood

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Terry Monroe – President & Founder of American Business Brokers & Advisors and Author of Selling with Certainty: Straightforward Advice for Cashing In on the Full Value of Your Business

Terry Monroe has been an owner of 40 different businesses, including 10 national franchises, a franchisor of businesses, and a retailer with more than 200 retail locations within the United States and Canada.  As the founder and President of American Business Brokers & Advisors, his in-depth knowledge of business enterprising, franchising, financing, and acquisitions have resulted in the sale of over 500 businesses. American Business Brokers & Advisors a national network of business brokers helping sellers value their businesses and prepare their businesses for sale and take to the marketplace. The company has and can sell a multitude of different kinds of businesses from retail to distribution to service businesses and has a strong presence in the convenience store industry. Terry, president, and founder has 34 years of expertise starting, acquiring and selling more than 500 businesses including retail, distribution, and service businesses with a strong presence in the convenience store industry. He has written three books, including Cashing in on the Wealth of Your Business and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Inc., and USA Today.


Gary Brose – President of US Dispatch CorpPrincipal of and Author of EXPRESS EXEC: A novel approach to outrunning the pace of change 

Gary Brose has owned over a dozen small businesses over the last forty years. He enjoys the challenges of small business and the diversity it offers. Currently, Gary spends most of my time managing US Dispatch, consulting with clients and doing more and more business writing and speaking for groups on specialized business topics. Gary spent the summer running for Mayor of Seattle. Quite an experience! Where he met a lot of people and made some new friends. In the end, there were 21 candidates in the primary running for the top two positions to be placed in the general election. To simplify their lives, the media focused on the top six based on those career politicians and familiar names. The other fifteen received very little press coverage and consequently became an afterthought in this non-partisan election. Gary finished 7th. His message of lower taxes, conservative fiscal management, and personal responsibility didn’t seem to resonate in today’s Seattle. Gary’s area of expertise is in constructing compensation programs for middle management AND entry-level personnel that is heavily weighted toward bonuses. Gary has developed 8 key points of a successful bonus program which truly work to pay employees more while also yielding a higher bottom line for business owners. He also originated the “Delinking Process” of performance reviews which is the strongest motivating force he has ever used.
Gary BroseGary Brose

Kari Chitwood – Founder of Peach State Pride  

Started in 2009, Peach State Pride stems from a love of Georgia’s history, heritage, and people. As a clothing company and beyond, they thrive in promoting Georgia’s rich southern culture, communities, agriculture, and natural class and beauty. Peach State Pride is headquartered just outside of Athens in Historic Downtown Watkinsville, and the line is currently available in over 100 stores across the Southeast. Kari and Derek also own retail stores called Empire South, in Watkinsville, Athens, and Virginia-Highlands (Atlanta), and V.F. Chitwood’s, in Lavonia, GA. Empire South is a clothing store with a mission of bringing people joy and enriching lives.
Peach StatePeach State