October 12, 2019 – Kindur’s Rhian Horgan, Facebook Giving Garima Sinha, Latino Entre Frances Messano and Ed Jones’ Alison Carnie

October 12, 2019 – Kindur’s Rhian Horgan, Facebook Giving Garima Sinha, Latino Entre Frances Messano and Ed Jones’ Alison Carnie

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Rhian Horgan – Founder and CEO of Kindur

Rhian Horgan is the Founder and CEO of Kindur, a retirement company that leverages its proprietary technology and user-friendly interface to solve one of the most pressing challenges facing baby boomers. Kindur provides straightforward digital advice and financial tools to a rapidly growing population of retirees living in a complex, post-pension world. Their signature paycheck is the ultimate simplification of managing retirement income, helping your savings last longer and giving you peace of mind. Kindur is backed by leading fintech and insuretech investors including Anthemis Group, Point72 Ventures, Clocktower and Inspired Capital. Prior to founding Kindur, Rhian was a Managing Director at JP Morgan Asset Management where she built and led the equity derivative and alternative investments business both in the US and internationally. Today, Rhian talks about the best strategies to put you and your listeners on track in retirement and help make your money last longer. She will also share tips on how to properly manage the assets retirees already have so they have peace of mind in their golden years.

Garima Sinha – Head of Charitable Giving Products at Facebook

Garima Sinha is the Head of Charitable Giving Products at Facebook. Working as a product manager was an unexpected career path for Garima; she had been looking for a job as a software engineer, as she’d studied that topic in her undergraduate career, but instead found herself being hired as a product manager. After learning the ropes on the job, she enrolled in a graduate program at Carnegie Melon that let her converse with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to learn more about product development, approaching product problems, how to grow businesses in the tech niche, and how to pitch businesses to investors successfully. She brought this knowledge to her two positions at Facebook, and has also worked with the startup Thumbtack. In her roles as a product manager, she uses her awareness of the tech industry to solve problems and create solutions by implementing the right product strategies and implementing the necessary steps to complete those projects with her team. She plans, coordinates, and brings her team together to design, engineer, analyze, market, and otherwise develop innovative software solutions to improve the customer experience and catapult her companies to success.

Frances J. Messano – Senior Managing Partner of NewSchools Venture Fund

Frances Messano is a Senior Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund where she leads the Innovative Schools Invent (new schools) and Diverse Leaders investment teams. She also designs the content for their annual Summit conference. Frances has an MBA from Harvard Business School and AB from Harvard College. She serves on the board of Unidos US, Pahara Institute, Stand for Children, GO Public Schools, Latinos for Education, and Catalyst: ED. She is also a Pahara-Aspen education fellow. Frances is a first-generation college graduate and an alum of Prep for Prep, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, non-profit organizations that she credits with helping her gain access to educational and professional opportunity. One in four American public school students are Latino. Yet Latinos are underrepresented in the education workforce, including among education entrepreneurs, who are important drivers of innovation. NewSchools Venture Fund invests in new, innovative public schools and early-stage education companies that help prepare students – especially those who have been underserved – for success in career and life. Despite a strong commitment to funding Latinos, NewSchools struggled to attract applicants. The same patterns are found among many other education foundations with a stated desire to fund Latino education entrepreneurs. NewSchools set out to learn why.

Alison Carnie – Chief Administration Officer of Edward Jones Trust Company

Alison Carnie serves as director of Trust Services and chief administration officer of the Edward Jones Trust Company. In this role, she is responsible for the delivery of trust new business support, trust administration, estate settlement services, and trust special asset administration. Carnie received her bachelor’ s degree in human and organizational development from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and received a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University School of Law. It may come as a surprise to some that most Americans have not taken the most basic steps toward planning for their legacy. According to a recent survey by financial services firm Edward Jones, 77% of Americans believe that estate and legacy strategies are important for everyone, not just wealthy individuals, yet only 24% of Americans are taking the most basic step of designating beneficiaries for all of their accounts.