July 14, 2015 – Big Social Mobile David Giannetto & Venture Capitalist Greg Berkin

July 14, 2015 – Big Social Mobile David Giannetto & Venture Capitalist Greg Berkin

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David Giannetto – Thought Leader, SVP of Performance Management at Salient Corporation, and Author of Big Social Mobile: How Digital Initiatives Can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results

David Giannetto is a nationally recognized thought-leader on business intelligence, enterprise performance management, information management and MIS technology. He has a proven track record using marketing to create C-level sales, lead generation and improved brand awareness. David is currently responsible for the overall message and methodology of Salient, its delivery in the market and usage within client organizations. He directly manages marketing and professional services and provides direct sales support to strategic accounts and new opportunities. His new book argues that leaders fall into the trap of accepting trendy big-data, social media, and mobile technology initiatives as the norm. He is a writer for national magazine and an advisor to technology firms in related areas of expertise. David is a writer for the Huffington Post and writer for the American Management Association’s thought-leader blog.
David GiannettoDavid GiannettoDavid Giannetto

Greg Berkin – Managing Director at Concours Ventures

Greg Berkin is Managing Director of Concours Ventures and has an amazingly diverse entrepreneurial background. Greg founded the first educational software company for the Apple Macintosh Computer in 1984 and is recognized as one of the Top 20 DVD Executives worldwide. He was the co-producer of the Antiques Roadshow pilot! His angel equity group works with early-stage start-up Silicon Valley companies, focusing on mobile, social, smart and connected TV, and interactive television. Greg worked with Hollywood Studios, the Consumer Electronics (CE) industry and the Personal Computer (PC) industry to define the first DVD-ROM specifications. He was an Emmy Awards Blue-Ribbon Judge for Technical and Engineering, a California Trade Representative to Canada under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and has won multiple awards!
Greg Berkin

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