September 8, 2022 – MLM Master & Consistency Pill Author Simon Chan and BusinessOutside Bart Foster


September 8, 2022 – MLM Master & Consistency Pill Author Simon Chan and BusinessOutside Bart Foster

Simon Chan – Founder of MLM Nation and Author of The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business   

When you work for yourself, and you like to be your own boss,
you have to be your own employee as well!

Your best opportunities come when do you have no time,
no money and it is extremely inconvenient!

If you get rejected in sales, remember people are not rejecting
you, they are rejecting your message.

Simon Chan

Simon Chan is a business growth specialist and author of The Consistency Pill. He is no stranger to the woes of business creation and growth – he can personally attest to weeks on end filled with nothing but unpleasant sales calls and countless rejections. However, Simon didn’t allow setbacks to destroy his confidence – he then went on to pioneer online duplication and built a 7-figure business with over 200,000 distributors. Now, he wants to aid others in ignoring the typical setbacks and soldiering onwards with the one principle that has helped Simon succeed: consistency.

Bart Foster – Founder and CEO of BusinessOutside® and Author of BusinessOutside: Discover Your Path Forward

It is proven that 120 minutes in nature per week is going to
make you more productive, happier and healthier. The average
person spends 93% of their time indoors.

Bart Foster

Bart Foster Is the founder and CEO of BusinessOutside®, a facilitation and training company focused on engaging, inspiring, and empowering individuals and teams to get outside in nature and outside their comfort zones. Bart is an entrepreneur and seasoned global executive who began his career at Kellogg’s and Novartis. After climbing the corporate ladder and building a successful healthcare startup, Bart found his true calling as an advisor, speaker, and coach to executives throughout the world. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and two kids. Most mornings, he can be found hiking the peaks above town, usually with someone in tow, discussing business, outside. Business owners, leaders, and professionals are facing a host of new challenges post-COVID-19. Lockdowns and changing customer needs have kept many of us inside for the past two years, caged up, anxious, and chained to our screens. Transitioning from on-site to virtual work (and, in some cases, back again) has created feelings of disorientation and disconnection.