December 19, 2017 – Life Saver Aaron Pitman, Crazy Inventor Colin Furze & High Performance John Hawkins

December 19, 2017 – Life Saver Aaron Pitman, Crazy Inventor Colin Furze & High Performance John Hawkins

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Aaron Pitman – Co- Founder and Strategic Advisor to Emergency Online Training 

Aaron Pitman is a highly regarded angel investor, business builder, and executive. He is an expert at teaching small business owners, executives, and sales representatives  how to become more productive and increase revenue through digital marketing and workplace happiness. Aaron has built multiple seven figure businesses in the areas of internet media, distressed internet investments, digital marketing, real estate and product placement consulting. He has successfully launched, managed, and sold off several businesses. As a consultant, Aaron has worked with dozens of businesses and specializes in online marketing, business development, lead-generation, business growth, and “The Happiness Business Model.” A self made millionaire before 25. Aaron has been featured in numerous publications such as Fast Company, Mashable, Forbes, INC, Yahoo, Small Business Trends, The Huffington Post, and more. He is also the best selling author of “The Secret to Success: A Positive Mindset.” He was voted Top 10 Digital Entrepreneurs of 2012 by and sits on the Young Entrepreneur Council for the most successful entrepreneurs in America under 35 years of age. Aaron loves to support charities advocating for Autism and International Orphan Care.
Aaron PitmanAaron Pitman

Colin Furze – Inventor and YouTube SuperStar– Read interview highlights here 

Colin Furze was a plumber turned inventor, and now has five and a half million subscribers on YouTube with over 500 million video views! Every two weeks or so, he unveils a new invention on his YouTube channel. His most popular creations have over twenty million views. He holds five Guinness World Records for the largest bonfire, the longest motorcycle, the fastest pram, the fastest speed on a mobility scooter, and the fastest toilet. YouTube’s undisputed king of crazy inventions, he is excited to announce the release of his first book, “This Book Isn’t Safe.”
Colin FurzeColin Furze

John Hawkins – Speaker and Leadership Expert  

John Hawkins is a member of Forbes Coaches Council on Leadership and Management and is active on several board of directors. John’s multifaceted work includes being a highly in-demand motivational speaker and thought leader. He speaks about leadership strategies at events and conferences across the globe and his thought-provoking message encourages each of us to lead with substance, significance, and success. As a senior-level leadership coach and strategy consultant, he has worked with hundreds of clients, large and small, across all sectors. Not just an inspirational speaker, John  has written numerous articles, posts and leadership classes for Business magazines and Higher Education Institutions. He is a US Navy veteran.
John HawkinsJohn Hawkins

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