December 20, 2017 – LivFul Hogan Bassey, Customer Loyalty John Larson, Live w Power Anita Kozlowski

December 20, 2017 – LivFul Hogan Bassey, Customer Loyalty John Larson, Live w Power Anita Kozlowski

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Hogan Bassey – Founder at LivFul, Inc

Hogan Bassey  is creator of AKIVA wipes and LivFul mosquito repellent. LivFul creates products that allow people to live life to their fullest without the worries of nasty bugs. The company exists to enable millions in under-served communities to live healthier by designing life saving products, bringing them to the world through a business model that transform communities. Currently, they’re focused on mosquito and bacteria borne disease prevention. LivFul also serves the communities by contributing 10% of net profits to community development projects. They created AKIVA, an enhanced mosquito repellent and antiseptic wipe that prevents from mosquito and bacteria born diseases.
Hogan BasseyHogan Bassey

John Larson – Founder of John Larson & Company and Author of Capturing Loyalty: How to Measure, Generate, and Profit from Highly Satisfied Customers

John Larson is co-author of a new book about customer loyalty. John is a pioneer in the field and shows anyone how to turn merely satisfied customers into highly satisfied customers. This shift affects loyalty behaviors. Using research to demonstrate this enormous impact on the bottom line, this is a new approach to a very old problem, and advances the field significantly for the first time in a decade. John’s approach to growth is counter-intuitive. The conventional wisdom at most companies has marketing and sales going out to find new customers.  John proves you can’t increase profits by constantly chasing after new customers or trying to address every complaint. Instead, he argues you make more money by selling more to your most satisfied customers than by going out and hustling new ones, and by creating highly satisfied customers from your already satisfied customer base. In fact, this approach can lead to more revenue with fewer customers! John is the senior partner at John Larson and Company, a firm specializing in helping clients increase their growth and profitability by improving the loyalty of the customers they serve.

Anita Kozlowski  – Master Hypnotist and Founder of Live with Power NLP Seminars

Anita Kozlowski MSc. is a Master Hypnotist, an internationally licensed NLP trainer, creator of Structural Psychology Systems for Transformation and author. She is the founder of Live with Power training institute and her unique methods have been recognized word-wide. She has trained thousands of therapists, clinicians and coaches. Her clients include elite athletes, celebrities, and organizations. Anita specializes in helping get rid of the imprints of the past traumas, addictions, and helping individuals discover their full creative potential. Her background includes graduate level training in Neuropsychology, Statistical Modelling, and Mathematics. She teaches  the “pure magic” of the mind.
Anita Kozlowski Anita Kozlowski

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