September 28, 2021 – Gold Standard Colin Cowie and Flipper Victor Jiracek

September 28, 2021 – Gold Standard Colin Cowie and Flipper Victor Jiracek

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Colin Cowie – Owner, Colin Cowie Lifestyle

We want more than anything else an emotional
connection with your customer. 

Colin Cowie arrived in the United States from South Africa in 1985. His intelligence, personality, and stylish sensibility led him into the fast-paced, glamorous world of planning over-the-top parties for royalty, celebrities, and business luminaries. Respected around the world as an arbiter of style, Cowie has been at the forefront of event and wedding planning for the past 25 years, creating trends and raising the bar for providing the ultimate guest experience. In addition to Oprah Winfrey, his celebrity clients include Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Nicole Kidman, and Demi Moore, to name a few. Cowie’s corporate clients include Dom Perignon, Warner Bros., CBS, The Whitney Museum, Architectural DigestCosmopolitan and Style. His previous books include Dinner After Dark, Colin Cowie Chic: The Guide to Life As It Should Be, and Colin Cowie Wedding Chic. Cowie’s latest book is The Gold Standard: Giving Your Customers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted.

Viktor Jiracek – Owner of Sell Your Gainesville Home Today

In residential real flipping, you have to call quite a list. You
may have to call 1,000 people to get 1 or 2 deals. 

Viktor is a real estate fix and flipper out of Gainesville Florida. He completed 20 flips last year and his goal is an additional 30 flips for this year (2021). Ironically, his best flip was a $64K net profit deal that he almost backed out of. He flips all types of properties including: single family residences, townhomes, condos, and mobile homes. Although he’s done many avenues of real estate including lease options, seller financing, short term rentals, and long-term rentals his passion is in flipping houses and teaching others to do the same. Viktor is a mentor to students across the USA and teaches them all aspects of how to get started in flipping real estate including but not limited to: how to get the deals, the money, run the numbers, etc.  In Viktor’s free time, he enjoys traveling and has been to 38+ countries.