August 12, 2022 – Climate Restoration Peter Fiekowsky and Market Your Message Jonathan Milligan


August 12, 2022 – Climate Restoration Peter Fiekowsky and Market Your Message Jonathan Milligan

Peter Fiekowsky – Climate Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author of Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race    

The point of Climate Restoration is to focus on what we actually
want. The truth is we don’t care too much what the emissions
are as long as the climate is back to what it was.

Peter Fiekowsky

Peter Fiekowsky is an MIT-educated physicist and engineer, a serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a social innovator. He has worked at NASA and the Fairchild/ Schlumberger Artificial Intelligence Lab in Palo Alto; taught at MIT; and developed his own machine vision company, Automated Visual Inspection LLC (AVI). He holds 27 patents and is on the board of Solar Capex, a fintech company dedicated to tripling the rate of investment in solar projects. A decade ago, when it became clear that global warming would endanger humanity’s future, Fiekowsky began working on climate restoration. Organizations Fiekowsky has built to help achieve this goal include: The Foundation for Climate Restoration (FCR), which works with scientists, innovators, policymakers, citizens, faith leaders, activists, and students to create the understanding and policy needed to further climate restoration. The Foundation has been instrumental in the adoption of climate restoration as a goal by both the Vatican and the United Nations. Methane Action (MA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to solutions that will reduce atmospheric methane concentrations to pre-industrial levels. Methane Oxidation Corporation (MOC), which is enabling companies to neutralize their carbon footprint through the active reduction of atmospheric methane. The Stable Planet Alliance, which is working to frame the next set of UN Development Goals under the umbrella of achieving a healthy, sustainable population by 2100. Fiekowsky has also been an investor in and advisor to many companies working in the climate restoration field. He lives with his wife Sharon in Los Altos, near his grown son and daughter in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Jonathan Milligan – Founder of Market Your Message and Author of Your Message Matters: How to Rise above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know

I noticed that the entrepreneurs that I admired that had
the big businesses did four things well: create, capture,
compile and connect.

Jonathan Milligan

is an author, blogger, speaker, and online business coach. He is the creator of the popular weekly podcast and live-stream show Market Your Message. Since 2009, Jonathan has run his own portable lifestyle business online. Today he teaches others how to build a business with their passion, story, or message. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, Charity, and their two kids, Kayla and Jordan.