February 15, 2023 – Business Case for AI Kavita Ganesan and The Way Up Errol Pierre

February 15, 2023 – Business Case for AI Kavita Ganesan and The Way Up Errol Pierre

Kavita Ganesan – Founder of Opinosis Analytics and Author of The Business Case for AI: A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies, Best Practices & Real-World Applications 

For small businesses to benefit from artificial intelligence, try to
understand AI at a high level and more importantly what are the
tools available to you as a small business that you can use today,
because building AI tools is very expensive. There may be prepackaged tools that you can use in your workflow. For example, there are
CRM’s that have lead scoring systems that are AI based.

Kavita Ganesan

Kavita Ganesan is an AI advisor, strategist, educator, and founder of Opinosis Analytics. She works with senior management teams across the enterprise to help them integrate AI into their workflows. With over 15 years of experience, Kavita has scaled and delivered multiple successful AI initiatives for fortune 500 companies as well as smaller organizations. She has also helped leaders and practitioners around the world through her blog posts, coaching sessions, and open-source tools. Kavita holds degrees from prestigious computer science programs, specifically a Masters degree from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, with a specialization in Applied Artificial Intelligence. Kavita has been featured by numerous media outlets including Forbes, CEOWorld, CMSWire, Verizon, SDTimes, Techopedia, and Ted Magazine.

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Dr. Errol Pierre – Healthcare Executive and Author of The Way Up: Climbing the Corporate Mountain as a Professional of Color 

(When verbally attacked), first, realize it’s not about you. It’s more
about them. If they are just not a nice person, it’s not because of
anything you did. That is something that is happening in their
world. You have no idea about their private life. Maybe they are
going through something crazy and taking it out on you!

Dr. Errol Pierre

Dr. Errol Pierre is the Senior Vice President of State Programs at the largest nonprofit health plan in New York. He manages their Medicaid and Long-Term Care business unit representing over $8 billion dollars in annual revenue and close to 500 people and operations at more than 24 community offices across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley region. Pierre was previously COO at Empire BlueCross BlueShield. He is an in-demand speaker on leadership, diversity, and healthcare and has addressed hundreds of audiences including the National Urban League for Young Professionals, 100 Black Men, and Fordham University. In “The Way Up: Climbing the Corporate Mountain as a Professional of Color” accomplished executive and professor Dr. Errol L. Pierre addresses the realities Black and Hispanic/Latin people face in today’s workplace and delivers a pragmatic and actionable guide to help underrepresented individuals from all ethnic backgrounds uncover their passion to achieve their professional goals and elevate their careers.

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