July 9, 2014 – Referable Ryan Draving & Social Media Guru Brett Relander

July 9, 2014 – Referable Ryan Draving & Social Media Guru Brett Relander

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Ryan Draving – CEO and Co-Founder of Referable.com – Highlight Here

Ryan Draving is co-founder of Referable and (we love this) he closed the first twenty clients himself, and without leaving the office. He is using LinkedIn in a way that is so effective that Disney, Samsung, Amazon, S&P, and Yahoo are part of the formula. It’s a very cool story and can be applied to your small business. Referable is doing so well it is not accepting new clients and Ryan has a book coming out in the fall that teaches his tricks. He has a long background with other startups too, so Ryan has lots of great radio to offer!

Brett Relander – Social Media Marketing Expert, Founder of Launch & Hustle, and Entrepreneur Magazine Writer – Highlight Here

Brett is a thought leader and power influencer in the social media and mobile marketing space. He is a highly valued Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker as well as the Founder of Launch & Hustle. Brett is privileged to contribute his knowledge and expertise to Entrepreneur.com and is a featured blogger and Best Thinker on SocialMediaToday.com. He also has over 87,000 followers on Twitter, which ranks him among the top digital marketing professionals online and his upcoming book, Imperative – How any business can quickly and easily leverage mobile marketing for radical success, is scheduled to launch this summer.

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