November 4, 2020 – Real Estate Dalton Skach, Agency Blueprint Robert Patin and BioIQ Sean Slovenski

November 4, 2020 – Real Estate Dalton Skach, Agency Blueprint Robert Patin and BioIQ Sean Slovenski

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Dalton Skach – Founder and CEO at Gold Gate

Dalton Skach is a 26-year-old real estate vagabond adventure man who is on a mission to disrupt the real estate investing industry. He is the Founder and Managing Principal of Gold Gate, a Commerical Real Estate Investment Firm which works with private equity funds, REIT’s, and commercial real estate developers to source and underwrite off-market commercial real estate acquisitions. Gold Gate has sourced over $300M in off-market transactions and has an average deal size of $25M. Prior to founding Gold Gate, Dalton gained experience in real estate as a residential broker, commercial broker, analyst, and developer. Since then, he has assisted in transactions of $11,300,000 worth of commercial real estate. In May 2020, Dalton made a pivot and decided to enter the private equity industry himself. He has gone on to build a financial technology platform capable of converting ultra-luxury residential real estate from around the world into a digital asset where high net worth individuals, family offices, and foreign investors can acquire fractional ownership and trade freely through Gold Gate’s exclusive secondary marketplace.

Robert Patin – Managing Partner at Patin & Associates and Bestselling Author of The Agency Blueprint

Robert Patin is the Managing Partner at Patin & Associates; a Los Angeles based business management and consultancy firm. He specializes in working with Creative Service Agencies to navigate growth, improve operational efficiencies, and developing businesses that excel. His two decades of proven success in finance makes him an invaluable asset to any business, and his clients. Robert’s focus is working with clients to manifest their dream business into reality, with a foundational principle that simplicity is best. Though decades of experience working in finance and over a decade working with Creative Agencies, he is able to expertly partner with clients to guide their businesses to achieve their goals. Robert is also the author of the international bestselling book, The Agency Blueprint: The Business System That Leads to Success, where he draws on his experience to outline and demystify how businesses lose their way from the original vision, and his tried-and-tested approaches to bring them back in line with what entrepreneurs want their company to be.

Sean Slovenski – CEO of BioIQ Former SVP & President of Walmart Health 

Testing company, BioIQ, is working to solve our nation’s testing and immunization crisis through a national network of labs that can bypass the significant logistics challenges others are facing. The agility of BioIQ plus their recent partnership with the Validation Institute establishes them as one of the nation’s most trusted, reliable, and accurate B2B testing companies servicing many of America’s leading businesses in the Fortune 50 and more than 40 of our nation’s health plans. BioIQ has more testing capacity and agility than major testing giants (500,000 a day), validates these tests’ scientific process, and can connect patients to telehealth for continued care after a positive test result. Sean Slovenski is recognized as a healthcare industry innovator with 30 years of success. As former SVP and President of Walmart Health, Sean led the launch of multi-disciplinary healthcare clinics known as the “Super Centers for Healthcare.” Today, Sean serves as the CEO of BioIQ – a company modernizing the diagnostic testing industry through a national network of labs and customized solutions that support health plans, employers, and consumers.