August 9, 2013 – Marketing Quarterback Lou Imbriano & USA Today Columnist Steve Strauss

August 9, 2013 – Marketing Quarterback Lou Imbriano & USA Today Columnist Steve Strauss

Broadcast August 9, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Lou Imbriano- Author of  Winning the Customer, CEO of  TrinityOne

Lou Imbriano is all about building your brand and enhancing your customer relations. His specialty lies in the sports industry, as his experience is derived from his work as the CMO of the New England Patriots, but his methods often see great success outside of this arena. His book, Winning the Customer, was written as a marketing and general business tool highlighting the hallmarks of his successful philosophy. We have him on the show today to go over some of these principles in-depth! There is some great wisdom here, so don’t miss out! For more on Lou Imbriano, make sure to check out his website here!

Steve Strauss- Senior USA TODAY Small Business Columnist and Founder of

Steven D. Strauss is the country’s leading small business expert. Steve is also the author of 15 books, including the all new 3rd edition of the best-selling Small Business Bible and appears weekly on  He has one of the most highly syndicated business columns in the world, including being the featured columnist for Bank of America’s Small Business Community.  Steve regularly blogs for Microsoft Business on Main, Concur, SCORE, The Huffington Post, BizEngine, and others. If that is not enough, he is also a contributor to ABC News Now and MSNBC’s Your Business show.

As an internationally recognized speaker, columnist, and attorney, Steve sits on the Board of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, and is often tapped to speak  for various corporations wishing to reach the small business marketplace. He recently founded, where smaller businesses can get everything they need from Steve and his partners like EHealth, Greatland, LegalZoom, Elance, Verizon, and Staples.