June 30, 2015 – Non-Profit Construction Arnie Silverman & Content Marketing Guru Roger Parker

June 30, 2015 – Non-Profit Construction Arnie Silverman & Content Marketing Guru Roger Parker

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Arnie Silverman – Owner of Silverman CPM and Construction Consultant 

Annie Silverman runs a construction advisory firm that serves a diverse blend of non-profit, community-focused and institutional clients, plus private sector organizations and corporations. Silverman CPM’s hallmark is dedication to serving the client in an environment of trust, objectivity and open communication, free from conflicts of interest. Established in 1995, Silverman Construction Program Management, Inc. began as a one-person shop, focusing primarily on assisting non-profit and community organizations navigate the complexities of their construction programs. With more than 38 years of professional experience in planning and managing construction projects, Arnie Silverman built the company on a foundation of honest and straightforward relationships in a business environment grounded in respect for all parties. Annie won the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Small Busineesman of the Year in 2007 and just last month won their lifetime achievement award.
Arnie Silverman

Roger Parker – Content Marketing at Published and Profitable 

Roger Parker is a content marketer and author. His 38 books have sold 1.6 million copies throughout the world in over 30 languages, making him the $32 Million Dollar Author. These books include the NY-Times best-selling Looking Good in Print: A Guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing which has been in print for over 20 years. Other titles include The Streetwise Guide to Relationship Marketing on the Internet and Microsoft Office for Windows for Dummies, (original author). Roger’s specialties are clear writing, clutter-free design, and mind mapping as a way to create and share information.
Roger ParkerRoger ParkerRoger Parker

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