June 29, 2015 – College Startup Jeff Jahn & College Scholarship Guru Steven Roberts

June 29, 2015 – College Startup Jeff Jahn & College Scholarship Guru Steven Roberts

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Jeff Jahn – Founder & Chief Nerd at DynamiX

Jeff Jahn is a seasoned entrepreneur, digital business leader and proven innovator. He has been recognized with the 2015 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award from Berry College and was a Metro Atlanta Chamber Business Person of the Year finalist. Jeff was one of 20 Rising Stars Under 40 from Cobb Life Magazine. His work has been featured by national media outlets including Fast Company, Adweek, Fox News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, ABC News, Time Magazine, Comedy Central, Gawker, CBS’ The Early Show, Reuters, Politico, and GQ. He founded DynamiX in 2005 as a college sophomore. Since that time, it has grown to become one of the most respected website development companies in the Southeast, with a client list that includes great national and local companies alongside personalities including Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and Clark Howard. In just the past 6 months, DynamiX has been awarded more than 140 trophies and over a dozen “Site of the Day” honors for our work, while serving over 45 million visitors.
Jeff JahnJeff JahnJeff Jahn

Steven Roberts – Author, Speaker, and Educator at College Cash Champion 

Steven Roberts is a college scholarship expert. He believes almost anyone can go to college largely for free. And for entrepreneurs, this is so important. Finishing school with $100k in debt can be an entrepreneurial dream killer! When Steven went to college, his sister was involved in a car wreck and his parents had to cover her medical bills. They told him that he was on my own and he had to figure it out how to pay for college. Steven was blessed to finish college without student loans. He later wrote a book on paying for college entitled: “Winning the Money Game in College — Any Major and Any GPA and Any Major Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better!” Steven helps college students save $10,000’s on college expenses so that they can finish college debt-free or better!
Steven RobertsSteven Roberts

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