April 22, 2013 – Small Business Grower Brian Moran

April 22, 2013 – Small Business Grower Brian Moran

Guests: Brian Moran, Founder/ CEO of Brian Moran & Associates

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We love Brian’s website, tons of great resources.

Before starting out on  his own, Brian Moran spent his career becoming a seasoned professional in the publishing and marketing worlds. He was an assistant publisher at Inc. Magazine and held both the assistant publisher and publisher positions at Entrepreneur Media. He was also the executive director of sales development at the Wall Street Journal, but this list is only a small portion of his equally impressive resume.

Brian went solo in 2002 when he started Moran Media Group, where he helped gain exposure for his clients through various media channels. He used this experience in starting his own company to begin helping others grow. Thus, Brian Moran & Associates took form. Through this venture, he helps small businesses achieve their aspirations by guiding their growth and management. Brian has generated significant pull throughout his career, and he has recently used this  to assemble an impressive network of entrepreneurial experts devoted to  helping marketers connect to the SMB market.

Brian is also a member of such Boards as the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council, US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council, and SCORE’s National Marketing Council (from which he won the Lou Campanelli Award). With of all this experience under his belt, we expect this to be a very beneficial interview.