June 4, 2021 – Affiliate Marketing Meghan Damico, Futurist PJ Manney and Ben Porter Series Author Christopher Rosow

June 4, 2021 – Affiliate Marketing Meghan Damico, Futurist PJ Manney and Ben Porter Series Author Christopher Rosow

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Meghan Damico – Vice President of Sales at Digistore24 

Instagram makes it easy for digital marketing. So, if you are
just getting started with affiliate marketing, Instagram is
the #1 platform. 

Meghan Damico is the VP of Sales at Digistore24. She joined the direct response world in 2015 and in just six months, developed an overarching affiliate strategy across multiple agencies/partnerships. Her strategy led to an unprecedented 1,100% growth from $150K to $1.8 million in monthly commissions, all while buying 100+ email placements a month at cost. Operations and systems-oriented, she has spearheaded several product launches across the health, lifestyle, financial, and survival verticals, acquiring over half a million leads and topping $80 million in revenue. Meghan now teaches people how to start their own side hustle with an online business. Consumer spending is up 44% from 2019, as people spent $861 billion online in 2020. Meghan helped Digistore24 earn $66 Million in revenue in 2020 (just over 9 months during a pandemic no less) and they’re on-track to earn $350 Million by the end of the year. Digistore24’s core business is its reseller platform, where vendors can automate sales, sell products, and connect with an extensive, trusted network of affiliates. Digistore24 grew from $2.5 million to $66 million in one year, despite the pandemic.

PJ Manney – Best Selling Author

If we can’t handle computer hacking, we are going to have
a really hard time with artificial intelligence. 

PJ Manney is the author of the bestselling and Philip K. Dick Award nominated science fiction technothriller, (R)EVOLUTION (2015), published in the Phoenix Horizon trilogy with, (ID)ENTITY (2017), and (CON)SCIENCE, (2021). Set as alternate, future American histories, the novels chart the influence of world-changing technologies on power and nations. A former chairperson of Humanity Plus, she helped rebrand the organization, launch H+ Magazine and organize the first multi-org conference on futurist topics, Convergence ’08. She authored “Yucky Gets Yummy: How Speculative Fiction Creates Society”​ and “Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy,”​ foundational works on the neuropsychology of empathy and media. PJ Manney presented her ideas to National Geographic, the Producers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America, NASA-JPL, M.I.T., Huffington Post, The H+ Summit, and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, is a frequent guest on podcasts/webshows including StarTalk, The World Transformed, Singularity 1on1 and Amazing Mind, and has published in BoingBoing, Live Science and Tor.com. She is also the first person to create and transfer a digital autograph for a novel verified by the blockchain. Manney consults for varied organizations about the future of humanity and technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, cyborgs, nanotechnology, biotechnology, brain-computer interfaces, space, blockchains and cryptocurrencies. She worked for over 25 years in film/TV: motion picture PR at Walt Disney/Touchstone Pictures; story development for independent film production companies; and writing as Patricia Manney for the critically acclaimed hit TV shows Hercules — The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. She also co-founded Uncharted Entertainment, writing and/or creating many pilot scripts for television networks, including CBS, Fox, UPN, Discovery, ABC Family and Comedy Central. Manney lives with her husband in Southern California and is a dual citizen of the US and New Zealand. She is a member of the WGA, SFWA, ITW and PEN America.

Christopher Rosow – Author of Ben Porter series

A bunch of people have read my book and they liked it, some
of the critiques from publishers was really helpful, so I rewrote
the story and decided to self publish. 

SUBVERSIVE ADDICTION is the third thriller in the Ben Porter series. Christopher Rosow was approached by Jim Patterson. Newly self-published author Christopher Rosow thought it was a sales call. Turns out that it was THE James Patterson. He had been given a copy of Rosow’s first book, loved it, and wanted to see if he could help. Then Rush Limbaugh got hold of a copy and raved about it on his show. Rosow’s two previous novels introduced the relatable and compelling protagonist Ben Porter. (Ben is an overweight, nerdy Everyman with no girlfriend and a beater car, but with a talent for thinking outside the FBI box.) The instant success of the series at the top of the Amazon, Apple Books, and Wall Street Journal charts attracted the attention of Spyglass Media Group, a major Hollywood producer, which has optioned the series for film. Author Christopher Rosow eagerly tells his own story, from writing the first manuscript as a diversion from his day job in design and construction, to proposing his first novel to publishers, to the bitterness of rejection. Rosow persevered, Patterson and Limbaugh helped out, and today the independent author is creating his own publishing universe.