June 7, 2021 – Compostable Medicine Russell Gong and High Ticket Sales Jason How

June 7, 2021 – Compostable Medicine Russell Gong and High Ticket Sales Jason How

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Russell Gong – Co-Founder of Cabinet | TechStars ’20 

Cabinet was born after thinking through an opportunity in the
over-the-counter market. We put a couple products on Amazon.
Those SKUs turned to 3, to 5, to 10. No website. No brand.
No concept. No model. Just a couple products on Amazon
to see what we could do.  

Russell Gong is a co-founder of OTC brand Cabinet. He and his co-founder Achal met nearly a decade ago combating social inequality international communities. Russ is a former social entrepreneur and US National Guard, Infantry, worked in community empowerment. They share a deep curiosity about how medicine is made and more importantly how to make it better for people. Their brand was born as a result of their vision for offering the world a more transparent and sustainable medicine. Today, Cabinet is on a mission to simplify the world of health & medicine through transparency, quality, and sustainability.

Jason How – Managing Director of Agency J 

When we don’t have a lot of data from Facebook or previous
sales campaigns, we start with look-alike audiences.

Jason How founded Agency J when social media advertising started gaining traction in the same year that Facebook IPO-ed. Since then, he has trained 60+ marketing agencies across the globe. As an official Facebook Ads consulting partner of Hootsuite, Jason regularly consults for 20+ international brands across Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. As a partner of Marketing Interactive, which operates the top marketing publication (Marketing Magazine) in Asia Pacific, Jason has also delivered advanced Facebook advertising courses for brand marketers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Established in 2012, Agency J (previously named J Social Pte. Ltd.) specializes in helping Coaching and Education businesses enroll more students through innovative positioning and digital marketing strategies. Our team supports businesses in key markets across the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Today, Agency J is one of the few marketing agencies specialized in the Coaching and Education industry.