March 1, 2017 – A Player Advantage Rick Crossland, Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer & Future Labs’ Mina Salib

March 1, 2017 – A Player Advantage Rick Crossland, Blind Adventurer Erik Weihenmayer & Future Labs’ Mina Salib

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Rick Crossland – Talent Expert at A Player Advantage and Author of The A Player: The Definitive Playbook and Guide for Employees and Leaders Who Want to Play and Perform at the Highest Level

Rick Crossland has almost 30 years experience in building high performance teams. In particular, he is a leading national expert in developing and recruiting teams of A Players across a wide variety of industries. Rick has brought immediate results to industries including chemical, automotive, fashion and beauty, retail, insurance, customer goods, IT, business to business and manufacturing. Rick is author of the book, The A Player. He works with companies across the country to transform good companies into great companies with his unique A Player approach. Rick held positions of increasing leadership responsibility at Johnson and Johnson, ICI-Zeneca, Planters-Lifesavers, Ford Motor Company, and Limited Brands.  Your company will benefit from more aligned, motivated employees who are playing their game at a new, higher level. He will show you how to attract and build a team of 100% A Players. Rick is a highly sought after expert who can show your organization what greatness really looks like.
Rick Crossland Rick Crossland

Erik Weihenmayer – Blind Adventurer and Author of No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon

Erik Weihenmayer astounded the world when he became the first – and only – blind man to climb Mount Everest. He is also the only blind person to climb the Seven Summits, the tallest peaks on each continent. Weihenmayer did not rest on his laurels after Everest. His life is about far more than incredible physical challenges. His mission is to face fear and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, then help others to do the same. “No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon” is Erik’s latest memoir. In September 2014, Erik and blinded Navy veteran, Lonnie Bedwell, kayaked the entire 277-miles of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, considered one of the most formidable whitewater venues in the world. Erik continually seeks out new adventures, focusing his efforts on empowering people traditionally swept to the sidelines of life. He founded an organization called No Barriers, which helps people with challenges tap into the human spirit, break through barriers, and contribute to the world. He takes us to Ecuador and Peru, to Nepal and Tibet. While learning to kayak and preparing to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon – think of it as running down the expressway in a major city blindfolded – Erik finds the time and willingness to help wounded veterans, as well as other adults and children with disabilities, to climb mountains both physical and emotional.
Erik Weihenmayer  Erik Weihenmayer

Mina Salib – Program Manager at Future Labs at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Oversee all-external activities that the Future Labs has a stake in. Tasks that fall under his domain include, facilitating meetings between Future Labs companies with industry specific mentors and investors, Future Labs offer the businesses of tomorrow a network of innovation spaces and programs that support early stage startups in New York City. Acting in a venture catalyst role, we accept high potential companies and build on their success with an approach that emphasizes success rate, sustainability, revenue, and growth. helping to oversee the AI Nexus Lab, organizing Flash Pitch, and strategizing for future partnerships and ventures. A note about Flash Pitch, flash Pitch is a monthly pitch series which gives 6 companies a chance to pitch in front of 3 top tier investors for the chance at prizes, brand awareness, and potential investment.
Future LabsFuture Labs


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