December 12, 2022 – 135 Patents Sebastien Lagree and Get the Money Rhea Wong

December 12, 2022 – 135 Patents Sebastien Lagree and Get the Money Rhea Wong

Sebastien Lagree – CEO of Lagree Fitness  

For people in their 50s, the number one consideration should
be joint health. 

Sebastien Lagree

Sebastien Lagree is a celebrity trainer, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the innovative fitness company, Lagree Fitness, and the creator of “The Lagree Method.” Sebastien created the first company that allows users to experience low-impact, high-intensity workouts without the strain and stress on the body’s connective tissues that other workouts cause. His innovative, patented equipment and his unique methodology allow users to experience a challenging workout that combines cardio, strength training, muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility without injury for lightning-fast results.

Rhea Wong – Podcaster, Fundraiser and the Author of Get That Money, Honey!: The No-Bullsh*t Guide to Raising More Money For Your Nonprofit 

The biggest mistake that a lot of fundraisers make is that they
believe they are up against everyone else, that they are in
competition. The truth is, there is a lot more abundance and
the money than we ever know.

Rhea Wong

Rhea helps nonprofits raise more money. Though she has deep experience with institutional, corporate and event fund-raising, she is passionate about major individual donors and helping organizations to establish individual giving programs. She has raised millions of dollars in private philanthropy and is passionate about building the next generation of fundraising leaders. She has become a leader in the New York nonprofit community and is a frequent educational commentator in the media. She has been recognized with the SmartCEO Brava Award in 2015 and NY Nonprofit Media’s 40 under 40 in 2017. Rhea lives in Brooklyn with her husband and the World’s Most Spoiled Dog Stevie Wonderdog. When she is not raising money for causes she loves, she can be found hosting her podcast Nonprofit Lowdown or onstage as a newbie stand-up comedian in downtown Brooklyn.