October 4, 2017 – Stupid Enough Jeff Naeem & Warrior Sage Willard Barth

October 4, 2017 – Stupid Enough Jeff Naeem & Warrior Sage Willard Barth

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Jeff Naeem – Owner at Junk-A-Haulics and Author of Stupid Enough to Succeed: The Millennial Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Business Hypergrowth

Jeff Naeem became an entrepreneur at just 7, when he sold wrapping paper door-to-door. While still in college, he became one of the top 100 sales performers for Cutco knives. After college, he took a normal job in financial services, but quickly grew weary of the 9-5 grind. At the suggestion of a friend, Jeff decided to quit and become a full time junk guy! He says he traded in junk bonds for junk removal! His company Junk-A-Haulics® has a fleet of trucks, multiple locations, and a team of clean cut professional haulers. They are getting ready to start franchising soon. Junk-A-Haulics became profitable in 3 months and has grown 50-75% each year since. Jeff was featured in New Jersey Business magazine, The “Daily Record,” and has guest blogged for the worldwide Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He is on the Board of the EO Accelerator and appeared as a workshop presenter for the Next Level Conference, sponsored by the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Jeff NaeemJeff Naeem

Willard Barth – Executive Business Coaching Expert and Speaker

Willard Barth is the Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises and, for almost 30 years, has been involved in the field of human behavior, personal and professional development. He has been involved in numerous businesses including retail sales, entertainment, event management, software development, marketing, real estate, consulting and coaching. As a owner and consultant, Willard discovered that for a business to succeed, they all follow a repetitive cycle which he calls “The Anatomy Of Transformation.” This cycle is a seven phase framework that he has implemented in his consulting and coaching work which has had powerful results. One company using his system grew their sales by 93% in one year. Willard is a #1 best selling author, an internationally recognized speaker, and host of the video series Self-Awareness 101.

Willard BarthWillard Barth

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