November 20, 2020 – Virtual Event Pivot Jonathan Kazarian and Emotional Control Dr. Richard D. Lane

November 20, 2020 – Virtual Event Pivot Jonathan Kazarian and Emotional Control Dr. Richard D. Lane

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Jonathan Kazarian – Founder and CEO of Accelevents

Global events were being shut down because of the pandemic,
and we decided we needed to pivot. We went 100% in on it.
We did it quick and really well. 

Jonathan Kazarian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Accelevents, a one-stop-shop for event organizers who want to create a unique and engaging virtual event experience. In the current situation, Jon is the expert when it comes to helping companies make the transition from live events to a virtual format as seamless as possible. Jon comes from a mixed investing, technology, and entrepreneurial background with over six years of experience building and growing the company. He has established himself as an innovative leader who is excited to solve customers’ big problems. Prior to founding Accelevents, he led Product, Sales, & Operations at Windham Labs, a division of Windham Capital Management. He managed the development and go-to-market strategy of two innovative FinTech products. He is also the proud Co-Founder of the Fall Formal charity benefiting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and an advisor on the President’s Committee for the institution.

Dr. Richard D. Lane – Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Arizona and Author of Neuroscience of Enduring Change

We are not talking about radically changing the brain in huge ways.
It is possible to make changes that really make a difference in a
person’s life. It can change how successful and happy you are. 

Dr. Richard D. Lane is a clinical psychiatrist and psychotherapist trained in cognitive neuroscience and emotion research. He is Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Arizona. Dr. Lane’s core academic interest is in understanding the psychology and neurobiology of emotional awareness and the mechanisms by which emotion contributes to physical and mental health. His background in cognitive and affective neuroscience is now being integrated with his ongoing experience as a therapist and psychotherapy educator. Dr. Lane’s new book, Neuroscience of Enduring Change: Implications for Psychotherapy, brings the latest neuroimaging evidence and cutting-edge conceptual approaches to bear in understanding how psychological and behavioral treatment approaches bring about lasting change in the brain.