February 18, 2015 – StartupDen’s Reena Jadhav, Searchable Audio w Anne Wootton & VenturePact’s Randy Rayess

February 18, 2015 – StartupDen’s Reena Jadhav, Searchable Audio w Anne Wootton & VenturePact’s Randy Rayess

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Reena Jadhav – Founder of StartupDen – Venture Advisor at i-GATE Innovation Hub

Reena Jadhav started StartupDen as a virtual startup workshop for entrepreneurs to launch their business in 8 weeks. With classes, coaching and content, the program delivers the blueprint for taking a tech idea and launching it to a great business. StartupDen also offers free classes to high school interested students. Reena has a passion for game changing ideas that level the playing field and build value. She has founded and worked at five startups in mobile messaging, community platform, voice recruiting, marketing platform, and loyalty rewards. Also, she is a Venture Advisor at an Incubator to various start-ups and she hosts a StartupDen show on VatorTV.com, revealing investor funding tips and entrepreneur success secrets. Finally, Reena is a San Jose Business Journal Honoree.
Reena JadhavReena JadhavReena Jadhav

Anne Wootton – Co-founder, CEO at Pop Up Archive

Anne Wootton is co-founder of Pop Up Archive. We are all obsessed with search. We can get an alert every time someone types our name on Google, but what about every time someone says our name? Pop Up Archive solves this problem by making the spoken word searchable. Anne and her team take sound from anywhere and automatically create time stamped transcripts with keywords, indexed so you can find search terms exactly where they are found in the audio. Media companies and institutions like NPR, KQED, Princeton, and Stanford use the service and its developer-friendly API and widgets are usable with WordPress. In addition, they are building collections of sounds from journalists, media organizations, and oral history archives from around the world. Very cool!
Anne Wootton Anne Wootton

Randy Rayess – Co-founder at VenturePact, Angel Investor and Tech Entrepreneur

Randy Rayess saw a problem and set out to solve it. He saw that VC backed firms had a problem finding great tech development talent. VenturePact is designed to solve the problem. Its an invite only marketplace that connects companies with trusted software development firms. There are many software service providers around the world, some good, some bad. Finding a vetted development company that matches your requirements can be expensive and time consuming. The VenturePact marketplace addresses these issues by connecting companies with the best software service providers. You can find developers that are skilled in open source, mobile and web technologies including iphone (iOS), Android, Windows, Python, Ruby, Java, CSS, HTML, WordPress,  and Drupal, and other platofrms. Randy has worked in venture capital, private equity and at startups in financial services prior to starting VenturePact.
Randy Rayess Randy Rayess Randy Rayess


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