February 19, 2015 – Sex Entrepreneur Katrina McKay & Self Employed King Michael Kawula

February 19, 2015 – Sex Entrepreneur Katrina McKay & Self Employed King Michael Kawula

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Katrina McKay – Sexpert & CEO Ohhh Canada, Serial Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Katrina McKay is  Canada’s number one sex entrepreneur! She owns Ohhh Canada, an online sex store and also acts as a sex expert. Ohhh Canada is a retailer of all things sexy, with a focus on superior customer service. Most importantly, the site is designed to appeal to the female shoppers. As an unapologetically feminine brand, after five years only online, she recently opened her first bricks-and-mortar location in downtown Toronto. She travels everywhere from LA to India to speak to audiences about expressing their sexy. Katrina has been interviewed and featured in numerous publications including Elle Canada, Now Magazine, ProudFM, Sirius XM, Rogers TV, Notable and many more. Her upcoming book is called “Talking Dirty.” She also speaks on entrepreneurship topics and loves telling her story about how she left a senior marketing job to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur in a sexy industry.
Katrina McKayKatrina McKay

Michael Kawula – Investor, Author, CEO of Social Quant and Co-Founder SEK Digital Marketing Agency 

Michael Kawula left Wall Street after 9-11, in search of a better lifestyle. And he sure has succeeded. He has bought and sold several different businesses, with the last two companies having grown to million dollar businesses in under three years each. Inc. Magazine ranked his latest startup the 144th fastest growing company in 2012. Michael has been interviewed by Anthony Robbins and featured on CNN. Recently, Michael’s book hit #1 on Amazon. The bestselling Social Media book “Connect” was ranked 1 of the top 15 books to read for 2015. He is also an active investor. He focuses on Digital Marketing,Website Design, SEO, PPC, and social Media Marketing.
Michael KawulaMichael KawulaMichael Kawula

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