October 30, 2015 – Prankster Alan Abel & Venture and Vultures Chapter Thirteen

October 30, 2015 – Prankster Alan Abel & Venture and Vultures Chapter Thirteen

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Alan Abel – Professional Media Prankster

Alan Abel is a man of many talents. Though he has impressed many with talents such as drum soloing, acting, filmaking, writing, and speaking, he is most famous, or should I say infamous for his pranks. Following the Watergate scandal, Abel hired an actor to pose as Deep Throat before 150 reporters. The actor was offered $100,000 to sell the rights to his story, began quarreling with his purported wife, then fainted and was whisked away in a waiting ambulance. Among his most famous is his S.I.N.A hoax, a fake organization created to convince people that there was an organization whose sole purpose was to clothe animals in the name of modesty. In truth, it was a satirical allegory making a statement on the issue of censorship. As with most of his work, his pranks carry a deeper meaning that, much like their comedic value, can only truly be appreciated from an arms length. For his library (and it’s a good one), check here!


This show features the latest episode of our entrepreneurial serial podcast! The story is called “Venture and Vultures: An Entrepreneurial Thriller.” Here is Chapter Thirteen. Hope you enjoy! 

A Review of Past Episodes…..

Prologue – “Boys, Do You Understood How a Loan Works?”
Chapter One – “The Name of the Game Is Guts”
Chapter Two – “You Don’t Have a Clue”
Chapter Three – “So, What Are the Next Steps?”
Chapter Four – “Its Like a Vacuum in There!”
Chapter Five – “Can We Break Even?”
Chapter Six – ”Drive Faster, the Cell Is Not Working”
Chapter Seven, “You Want Flooding Keyboards or First Period?”
Chapter Eight, “Why Does He Keep Pulling his Dick?”
Chapter Nine, “4000 Miles in 3 Days!”
Chapter Ten, “Dude! We Are on Fire!”
Chapter Eleven, “You’ve Done Surprisingly Well”
Chapter Twelve, “Things Look Really Bad”

and now Chapter Thirteen, “Are You Looking for Investors?”

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