October 12, 2020 – Eden Green Eddy Badrina and You Booked It Podcast Dane Reis

October 12, 2020 – Eden Green Eddy Badrina and You Booked It Podcast Dane Reis

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Eddy Badrina – CEO of Eden Green and Co-Founder of Buzz Shift

In an acre and half, we can grow the equivalent of 33
acres of traditional farming. 

Eddy Badrina is the Chief Executive Officer of Eden Green, a vertical farming technology company dedicated to changing the way we farm our food, and feed our communities. He is also the Co-Founder of Buzzshift, a digital strategy agency for mid-sized brands and organizations. Over the past 20 years, Eddy’s career has encompassed entrepreneurial, corporate, and government roles. In 2019, Eddy took over as CEO of Eden Green, which builds, manages, and licenses a greenhouse technology platform that increases access to nutritious produce, and provides a non-interrupted food supply, all through its urban agricultural model. Since then, retailers, researchers, and governments have discovered how Eden Green’s technology can help them establish food safety, food independence, and sustainable farming, unlike any previous ag-tech solution. Eddy’s leadership, strategic planning, marketing, and management experience have also been honed through roles at the US Department of State, the White House, and two other technology startups. Eddy also volunteers his time at Watermark Church; is on the board of directors of Seed Effect, a microfinance non-profit; Igniter Media, a media production company; and is a past board member of the Great Investors’ Best Ideas Foundation Investment Symposium.

Dane Reis – Creator and Host of You Booked It Podcast

I found that almost all successful entertainers have a very
purposeful program that they developed to keep their
mind sharp and above the fray. 

Dane Reis has been a professional entertainer for more than 16 years, performing all over the world: in Las Vegas, Boston, NYC, Canada, Australia, Italy, and Germany. He’s been on TV, radio, and sung as a featured soloist with World Renowned Symphony Orchestras. Dane is recepient of the Capital One National Mascot of the Year Award for being the #1 Collegiate Mascot in the USA. Dane is also a corporate producer and project coordinator as well as an Actors Equity Actor & Stage Manager. He is also the creator & host of the podcast, You Booked It where he interviews successful entertainers, who share their journeys through the industry, to discover the fundamentals and niche golden nuggets that create a successful entertainment career and fill the gap between training and the real world. Dane is also the creator of My Fusion Profits, and unbiased and automated Online Prospecting System designed specifically for Network Marketers, MLM, and Home Business.