October 13, 2020 – Getting Scale Rachel Haley and IP Lawyer Devin Miller

October 13, 2020 – Getting Scale Rachel Haley and IP Lawyer Devin Miller

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Rachel Haley – Co-Founder and CEO of Clarus Designs

The first 20 customers that we had were
from our network or referrals. 

Rachel Haley has worked in the finance and tech industry for the past 10 years. She started her career at Hall Capital Partners in the portfolio management group, focusing on portfolio management, market analysis, and financial modeling. After Hall Capital, Rachel moved to Salesforce to work in the finance and strategy department. She worked as the Senior Director of Sales Operations and Strategy at Snowflake for two and a half years, where she helped the company grow from 300 people to over 2,000 and more than 10X-ing in annual revenue. In 2015, Rachel Co-Founded Clarus Designs, which now has over 100 employees globally. Clarus helps young startups find traction and scale by optimizing their sales process with strategy and outsourced execution. Rachel has grown her business 200% (YOY) to a $2 million dollar annual run rate.

Devin Miller – Founder and CEO at Miller IP Law

To China’s credit, they are working toward a better
Intellectual Property system. 

Devin Miller is an entrepreneur, patent and trademark attorney, and an Intellectual Property expert. He specializes in protecting startup and entrepreneurial companies with IP Legal Advice, setting them up for success in their business. In addition to founding and running Miller IP Law, he is the co-founder of several startups including a multi-million dollar startup for wearable glucose monitoring. Devin has worked with the likes of Amazon, Intel, Redhat, and Ford. As Devin worked for a large law firm helping Fortune 100 clients with their intellectual property, he realized that there was not a good resource out there to help start-ups and small businesses understand intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. As a small business owner, Devin wanted to provide a resource for start-ups and small businesses where they could learn about patents, trademarks, and copyrights and how they relate to business to help small business owners like himself build value into their business and protect their assets. Devin also hosts The Inventive Journey Podcast where he takes the audience on a journey with different entrepreneurs and inventors on their path to startups and small businesses to hear their ups and downs.