October 1, 2015 – Getting Traction Justin Mares & TEDx Licensee Jacqui Chew

October 1, 2015 – Getting Traction Justin Mares & TEDx Licensee Jacqui Chew

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Justin Mares – Co-author of Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

Justin Mares is the former Director of Revenue at Exceptional, a software company that Rackspace acquired for 8 figures in 2013. He previously founded two startups (one acquired, one bust) and is now on his third.  He was in charge of sales, marketing and some product strategy at Exceptional Software, the company behind Airbrake.io.  As founder, he took the company through the customer development process, from idea to initial customers and assembled a top team, including an industry-expert psychology Ph.D., and developed an algorithm-based software product. Another startup of his, Roommatefit, was accepted into both a Carnegie Mellon University startup accelerator program and Alphalab, a Pittsburgh startup accelerator and member of the TechStars network. He is currently responsible for sales, marketing and business strategy. At Cloudfab, he was responsible for normal company operations and also worked on building a sales process and contacting prospective customers. His book is about how startups get traction and includes interviews with Eric Ries, Jimmy Wales, Noah Kagan and more.
Justin MaresJustin MaresJustin Mares

Jacqui Chew – Founder and CEO of iFusion Maketing and Licensee of TEDxPeachtree

Jacqui Chew is CEO at iFusion Marketing, a consultancy that helps technology and technology-related businesses grow. As a seasoned digital strategist with hands-on experience in lean marketing and product launches, she is author of articles on social media for iMedia Connection, Chiefmarketer and the Association Publishing and Atlanta Business magazines. She has provided expert commentary to business publications including DemandGen Report, Newspaper & Technology and DM News. Jacqui helped build the brands Cycloramic, Chupa Chups USA, eBay, IBM e-Business Services, KontrolFreek, McAfee Stonesoft, Nanolumens, Stainmaster, Oracle PeopleSoft and Venture Atlanta. iFusion Marketing is a collective of high-energy, seasoned marketing strategists, content development experts and social media strategists.
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