September 30, 2015 – Exit Promise Holly Magister & CoLabJax Jason D. Salvagni

September 30, 2015 – Exit Promise Holly Magister & CoLabJax Jason D. Salvagni

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Holly Magister – Exit Planner at Exit Promise, Forbes Contributor and Intuit Small Business Influencer

Holly Magister is  a Small Business Influencer for Intuit Quickbooks and she is an expert focusing on business exits. Her firm, Exit Promise, serves the owners of businesses in the lower-middle market to scale up and plan for the sale or transfer of their business to new owners. Through their proprietary five phase process, they work closely with business owners, their key employees and family members to help them prepare for and execute various types of transitions. She writes for in the Entrepreneur Channel about growing a business while keeping an eye on the exit. is the latest of several businesses Holly has run, built from scratch, acquired, and/or sold. Her desire is to distill the many and varied lessons, opportunities, and challenges she’s experienced over her 25-year career into an online resource for others. She is also a CPA and Certified Financial Planner.
Holly Magister Holly Magister Holly Magister

Jason D. Salvagni – Co Founder at CoLabJax

Jason Salvagni is devoted to mentoring and advising startups to accelerate growth through sales, marketing and organizational strategy, including hiring, training, interim executives and funding acquisition. He has been focused on both short term acceleration and long term sustainability and he has worked as an angel investment through ‘A’ round funding and intelligent utilization of funds. CoLabJax offers entrepreneurs a space to refine their vision, engineering and manufacturing expertise to build out design, business acumen to identify and capture revenue potential, leadership to go to market and networking support to achieve funding. Just open in Jacksonville, the coworking space is bringing a needed resource to the Florida city.
Jason D. SalvagniJason D. SalvagniJason D. Salvagni

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