August 3, 2020 – TopGun Jeffery Lay and In Store Brands Steven Picanza

August 3, 2020 – TopGun Jeffery Lay and In Store Brands Steven Picanza

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Jeffery Lay – U.S. Navy Veteran and Author of TOPGUN on Wall Street

Trying to anticipate where the market is going is a waste of time.
What you need to be doing is figuring out how to protect yourself
from wild swings. 

Lieutenant Commander Jeffery Lay is a 24-year veteran of the United States Navy, United States Air Force, and Ohio Air National Guard. An accomplished Mission Commander and graduate of the vaunted Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), Jeff flew more than 50 combat missions, made over 400 carrier landings, and accumulated over 3,500 flight hours during three combat deployments. At the height of his military career, Jeff was diagnosed with an advanced form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Jeff fought the disease with unspeakable courage, choosing to undergo an experimental form of chemotherapy. He ultimately beat cancer and returned to the cockpit fittingly on Veteran’s Day, 1998. Today, Jeff is a highly sought after speaker for his expertise in aviation, business, finance, and motivation. As an Elite Performance Coach, he works with an exclusive list of clientele who appreciate his ability to see and manage risk in the most demanding, high-performance organizations. He is the co-author of TOPGUN on Wall Street: Why the United States Military Should Run Corporate America, Jeff details his experiences as a Navy fighter pilot, and concludes with an exacting description of the Seven Critical Skills of High-Performance Organizations.

Steven Picanza – Co-Founder and Brand Strategist at Latin & Code

The audience has changed. Shopping has changed forever. Brands
that think that going back to the normal are behind the curve.

Steven Picanza is an award-winning brand strategist, interim CMO, and educator with a core purpose centered around helping businesses and organizations make smarter branding and marketing decisions. He runs Latin & Code, a brand and marketing consultancy with his wife, Melissa Rautenberg, while also being a strategic advisor to brands, agencies, and start-ups through his role at The Agency Guy. As a global brand strategist, podcast host, international speaker, and educator, his core purpose is centered around connecting people, products, and organizations with their core audience. Steven is the founder of the lifestyle brand for the creative entrepreneurs, The Creative Hustler, as well as also holding an Executive Board member position with The San Diego Entertainment & Arts Guild; a non-profit organization he helped found in 2009. Steven is also an adjunct instructor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, as well as being a yearly guest instructor at IED; The European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy.