February 5, 2024 – Hispanic Female Founder Sugey Piedra and AI in Manufacturing Alex Sandoval

February 5, 2024 – Hispanic Female Founder Sugey Piedra and AI in Manufacturing Alex Sandoval

Sugey Piedra – Co-founder of Prominence Business & Wealth Management – Tax Strategic Planning 

When you are self-employed and write off the kitchen sink and everything
under the sun, you are ripping yourself off. When you report zero or close
to zero income, the overall picture of that tax return is you have no
purchasing power. Across the street at the bank, when you want to
purchase a house or get a loan, when they look at your return, they don’t
care if you made $1,000,000, you ended up reporting zero income.

Sugey Piedra

For more than 20 years, Sugey Piedra has been working in the tax preparation and wealth management industry. She and her two sisters co-founded Prominence Business & Wealth Management, and together they have helped hundreds of high-earning service-based business owners to grow and scale their businesses with holistic financial planning. Her signature program Business Elite is a 12-month Tax Prep, Planning, and Strategy Program for Service-Based Business Owners. She also is the host of the Tax Talk with HeyHey where she shares her knowledge and expertise around removing the mystery surrounding taxes, financial planning, and wealth accumulation techniques and strategies.

Alex Sandoval – CEO and Co-Founder of Allie Systems 

To get your first customers, tap into your network! Look to your
friends, college friends, ex colleagues, that connection is enough,
especially in B2B, to get someone to be willing to try your product.

Alex Sandoval

Alex Sandoval is the CEO and Co-Founder of Allie Systems, a SaaS platform that transforms manufacturing operations by bringing AI-powered decision-making to the factory floor. He is a tech enthusiast with a profound conviction to help shape how things are produced. Alex brings over 15 years of experience in the tech industry to Allie Systems. He has held leadership positions at companies such as Nubank, Rappi, and Google. He is an expert in building and scaling B2B SaaS products.