February 2, 2024 – From NASA Laser Scientist to Hair Restoration Expert Dr. Tamim Hamid and Alcohol-Free Revolution Dustin Dunbar

February 2, 2024 – From NASA Laser Scientist to Hair Restoration Expert Dr. Tamim Hamid and Alcohol-Free Revolution Dustin Dunbar

Dr. Tamim Hamid – From NASA Scientist to Hair Restoration Expert, Founder & CEO Theradome and Author of Grow It Back: How Laser Phototherapy Stops Hair Loss and Regrows Your Hair 

Light is the only thing in the world that keeps us alive. Without light
we would
not be alive. We take light energy and convert it into
chemical energy every day
in the form of vitamin D. We found a
specific light wavelength that stimulates the hair follicle.

Dr. Tamim Hamid

Sayyid Tamim Hamid, Ph.D., received undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and biomedical engineering. Tamim designed and implemented innovative tools at NASA to improve astronaut safety and efficiency in space shuttle operations. His professional history includes growing the revenue of multimillion dollar international corporations and serving as a senior executive in companies that were sold to GE Medical and Johnson & Johnson. Tamim used his laser knowledge, fine-tuned at NASA, and combined it with his driving passion for helping others to pursue a lifelong mission in the field of hair loss and restoration. He is now one of the world’s leading experts. Tamim lives with his wife of thirty-three years outside San Francisco, CA. In his rare free time, he enjoys tending to his olive orchard and pressing artisanal dipping olive oil. Leveraging his expertise, he introduces a proprietary solution utilizing laser phototherapy. The book not only delves into the beneficial use of light for healing but also addresses various aspects of hair loss, ranging from common treatments to newer options. Hamid critically examines the safety and efficacy of specialized hair care products, debunking misconceptions about laser therapy. The depth of his work is evident in sections comparing the cost and effectiveness of different antifungals, FDA-cleared medications, and off-label treatments. In an opinionated chapter, he dissects vitamin supplements and unconventional remedies. The guide maintains a balance between conversational and scientific tones, making it a valuable resource for readers exploring hair-loss treatments. Hamid’s candid revelations about his own struggles lead to the development of the Theradome helmet, a device cleared by the FDA in 2018. The book addresses reader concerns about side effects and emphasizes the safety of laser phototherapy.

Dustin Dunbar – Author of You’re Doing Great! (And Other Lies Alcohol Told Me)

You see 5 alcohol ads per day that say you can
moderately and socially responsibly.

Dustin Dunbar

Dustin Dunbar grew up poor in Midwest America with an abusive, alcohol-addicted father and grandfather, and vowed to never be like them. Devouring psychology books and researching addiction in his twenties, Dunbar earned a doctorate in psychology and believed at that time that he had broken his family’s chains. In 2009, Dunbar was handpicked by Ryan Seacrest for LA Shrink and Endemol Productions’ Dallas Life Coach, where Dunbar was the “Shrink” and “Life Coach” on those pilots. After drinking moderately, responsibly, and socially for twenty years, he too became addicted to alcohol. He overcame his addiction at the age of forty-eight and has since been helping others overcome theirs. Dunbar is a coach at WeAretheAFR.org, a non-profit online community helping others with alcohol addiction and raising consciousness. Dunbar’s true passions are spending time with his two young daughters, writing, and sports. He currently lives in San Diego, California.