July 30, 2021 – Tax Goddess Shauna A. Wekherlien and Xero Ben Richmond

July 30, 2021 – Tax Goddess Shauna A. Wekherlien and Xero Ben Richmond

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Shauna A. Wekherlien – Owner of Tax Goddess Business Services, PC

If you can qualify with the IRS as a ‘real estate professional,’
you want your debt on your rental properties not your
primary residence.

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTS is the owner of Tax Goddess Business Services, PC. She is a Certified Public Accountant (AZ), has her Master’s Degree in Taxation from Arizona State University, and is one of the elite Certified Tax Coaches in the USA (1 of just 5 in Arizona). As a Certified Tax Coach, Shauna is trained to lower your taxes to the bare legal minimum and is in the top 1% of Tax Strategists in the country.

Ben Richmond – Country Manager at Xero

The biggest thing I hear is that ‘its easy to use and I actually know how business is doing, which means I’m am confident to grow.’

Ben Richmond is a Country Manager at Xero. Xero is a powerful all-in-one financial solution for your business. Because it is Cloud based, you can use Xero to work with your accountant, bookkeeper, or employees, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. Ben Richmond started with the company in New Zealand, its home market, and came to the states to bring big power to small businesses.