January 14, 2014 – Educator Steven Rudolph & Bride Helper Sonali Lamba

January 14, 2014 – Educator Steven Rudolph & Bride Helper Sonali Lamba

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Steven Rudolph – Director and Co-Founder of Jiva – Highlights here

Steven Rudolph is an American, but is living his dream in India. Steven created the Multiple Natures methodology which using easy tests find the perfect job or vocation for a person. Steven had studied personality tests but thought they needed to go a step further and provide true, practical advice. He is also educator, author and public speaker. His book, Solving The Ice-Cream Dilemma, identifies a person’s strengths and the jobs that ideally suit his or her nature. Jiva is the school in India that Steven co-founded. Started in 1994, the school now teaches 1300 kids! You can see one of his inspiring lectures…

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Sonali Lamba – Co-Founder at Brideside – Highlights here

Sonali Lamba is changing the definition of wedding shopping. She, and her business partner Nicole Staple, co-founded Brideside, trying to make wedding shopping less hassled and painful. The website offers 3 easy steps when shopping for the perfect dress, and makes it easy to try on samples. Brideside will mail you dresses just to try them on, so all the women in the wedding look great. Before Brideside, she worked in endowment portfolio management for Cambridge Associates in Boston and graduated from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Her passion is showing girls the bright side of wedding shopping.


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