October 24, 2016 – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)’s Steve Mariotti & Theory of Success Jesse Henry

October 24, 2016 – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)’s Steve Mariotti & Theory of Success Jesse Henry

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Steve Mariotti – Founder at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Author of An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

Steve Mariotti is known for his work in at-risk youth education through programs he has designed. He initially founded The South Bronx Entrepreneurial Education Program with limited success in 1987. Later that year he founded the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit organization which gives at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds opportunities to receive entrepreneurial education while attending high school. Steve has also authored numerous books for young people on entrepreneurship and he blogs with The Huffington Post. He is an inductee into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Bernard A. Goldhirsh Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the New York Enterprise Report’s Founders Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the National Director’s Entrepreneurship Award from the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Association of Education Publishers’ Golden Lamp Award, the ACE/Currie Foundation Humanitarian Venture Award, the USASBE Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year, the CEO Club’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and America’s Top High School Business Teacher. Wow.
Steve MariottiSteve Mariotti

Jesse Henry – Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Strategist,  Speaker and Corporate Trainer 

Jesse Henry is the guy behind the The Theory of Success, a Peak Performance Agency that catalyzes corporate growth. What started off as a TED Talk has now transformed into a movement surrounding personal and professional development. Specializing in consulting, training, and speaking, The Theory of Success is here to develop solutions based on your businesses unique needs. Having a problem working with millennials? Is lead generation your Achilles heel? Need to discover the operational inefficiencies holding your business back? Jesse can help! He worked with Robbins Research International and his 15-minute e-book will outline the 10 decisions successful people make. It’s a quick read that’s jam-packed with tips, tricks, and action items.  During college, he was CEO Student Start-Up of the Year at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference.

Jesse HenryJesse Henry

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