August 20, 2019 – SLAM Process Jon C. Warner and Mindful Marketing Jordan West

August 20, 2019 – SLAM Process Jon C. Warner and Mindful Marketing Jordan West

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Jon C. Warner – Chief Executive Officer of Silver Moonshots, 3-time Founder/CEO, Educator, Angel Investor, and Author

People start to become marginalized in society as they
hit 50
. It’s the point where we need to start paying
more attention to older adults.

Jon C. Warner has senior management experience in three countries over the course of twenty years. During that time, he was CEO of publishing, e-commerce, and management consulting businesses. Jon’s career let him publish over 200 books and booklets on management and the methods and processes that help companies strive, as well as many surveys and self-assessments that help managers and their employees harness their best skills. He most recently published SLAM: build your startup idea or early stage business with the Startup Launch Assistance Map. Jon continues to be a mentor and consultant for startups and small businesses, while acting as an angel investor in healthcare, aging, longevity, and other areas.

Jordan West – Owner of Mindful Marketing Co and Owner/CMO of Little & Lively Clothing Ltd. – Facebook Messenger Ads Guru

We’ve been able to scale our ads to about a $7 return on ad
spends. So for every dollar we put in we get about 7 dollars out.

Jordan West bought a Taco Del Mar when he was twenty-two years old. Within five years, he tripled that store’s sales with his savvy marketing. Jordan applied the money from that venture into starting Little & Lively, a children’s clothing company he built with his wife. Thanks to Jordan’s marketing prowess, Little & Lively was soon named one of the “top ten baby brands in Canada.” Jordan loves helping other entrepreneurs attain their goals by improving their marketing strategy.