January 31, 2017 – EY Entrepreneur of the Year Seth Merrin, High School Entrepreneur Femi Adebogun & Baldridge Award Winner Brenda Grant

January 31, 2017 – EY Entrepreneur of the Year Seth Merrin, High School Entrepreneur Femi Adebogun & Baldridge Award Winner Brenda Grant

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Seth Merrin – Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Founder of LiquidNet

Seth Merrin has reinvented how Wall Street can work for good and use technology to make the markets safer and more efficient for investors. As founder and CEO of Liquidnet, Seth has built a different kind of financial services company that is dedicated to rewiring the asset management industry by eradicating market inefficiency, driving investment performance and enabling the efficient flow of investable assets around the world. As the global institutional trading network, Liquidnet connects more than 780 of the largest asset managers to large scale trading opportunities across five continents and 43 markets. Asset managers rely on Liquidnet to help them protect the performance of their portfolios by allowing them to trade more efficiently benefitting the millions of people who invest in mutual, managed, retirement, or other equity investment funds. Today, he is a sought-after thought leader on market structure and management and is invited to speak regularly with regulators around the world and the industry at prestigious events including: the World Exchange Congress, Federation of European Securities Exchanges and the Milken Institute Global Conference. He won the Innovator of the Decade by Advanced Trading Magazine, was listed as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Finance by Treasury and Risk Magazine,and as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.
Seth Merrin Seth Merrin 

Femi Adebogun – CEO at Testify Software

Femi Adebogun is a programmer, problem solver and technology innovator with a passion for improving broken and inefficient systems. While still in High School, he founded Testify Software, an EdTech start-up geared towards individualized learning. Alongside Testify, Femi designs and develops custom websites and applications for commercial clients throughout the United States. Testify is an education technology start-up focusing on individualized learning. Testify provides predictive and analytic software to K12 schools which allows administrators to make informed student placement decisions. He raised a successful Pre-Seed funding round of $25,000.
Femi AdebogunFemi Adebogun

Brenda Grant – Baldridge Award Winner and Chief Strategy Officer at Charleston Area Medical Center

As Chief Strategy Officer for Charleston Area Medical Center, Brenda Grant is responsible for development and deployment of strategic and business plans for the CAMC Health System. She is experienced in the development, implementation and long term success of community health programs and collaborative networks, community health needs assessment, medical staff development planning and outcome measurement. Brenda is a past Senior Examiner for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and is a Judge for The Partnership for Excellence and now leads the CAMC Health System’s Baldridge efforts.
Brenda Grant Brenda Grant


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