September 11, 2013 – Extra Mile Shawn Anderson, Enlightened Nadav Wilf & 3D Printing at The UPS Store

September 11, 2013 – Extra Mile Shawn Anderson, Enlightened Nadav Wilf & 3D Printing at The UPS Store

Will Broadcast September 11, 2013 on Liberty Express Radio

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Shawn Anderson – Founder of the Extra Mile America campaign, Speaker, and Author A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over 

Shawn has accomplished some truly amazing things. Not only is he a best selling author and speaker on maximizing potential, he also founded the Extra Mile America campaign, which is now partnered with over 400 Mayors around the U.S.! In 2009, Shawn pedaled his bike 4,000 miles across the country, holding motivational events in cities along the way and interviewing over 200 people that are “going the extra mile” in life. November 1 as “Extra Mile Day.” What will you be doing extra?


Nadav Wilf – Founder and CEO at

Nadav says that he  “loves creating amazing companies.” He has built and sold 2 companies, but also has learned the importance of enjoying every day! His newest venture, integrates philanthropy into everyday life. Imagine getting great rewards for the giving that you do. Enlightened does that by focusing on integrating philanthropy into everyday life through social shopping. I love it! What a cool thing, you give to your favorite charity, and then get a trip to the spa as a reward! Great idea.

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Daniel Remba – Small Business Technology Leader at The UPS Store

UPS and The UPS Store have long been a supporter of mine. Their commitment to small business is sincere. They have paid me to go around the U.S. and help small businesses, especially to learn to export. The UPS Store is excited to introduce 3D Printing Service as an in-store test. This is a first at a national retailer. Daniel Remba is here to explain how the technology works, how small businesses might be able to use, and how future uses of the tech could make small business more competitive with respect to the big players.

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