December 8, 2015 – SEO Guru David Wright & Franchise Builder Tim Conn

December 8, 2015 – SEO Guru David Wright & Franchise Builder Tim Conn

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David B. Wright – SEO, Video Marketing at W 3 Group, Speaker, Bestselling Author of Get A Job!: Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves

David Wright is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for W 3 Group, a marketing firm with special expertise in SEO, Video Marketing, and local search. They work with a limited number of local businesses to do their Internet marketing for them, so that they show up at the top of the search engines and get more clients. David achieves this by leveraging local & global Search Engine Optimization, video, social media, and online marketing to keep customers coming back for more. David has been quoted in dozens of media outlets including Inc., The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and BusinessWeek, and writes articles and other information vehicles that are implemented around the world.  He is also a best-selling author of the acclaimed book, “Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves” and co-author of “Conversations with Experts.” David is an international speaker, has lived in Tokyo, Japan, done business around the world, is a champion fish taco chef, learned to surf in Bali, shot archery in the crater of a Japanese volcano, and was a radio DJ in Atlanta.
David WrightDavid WrightDavid Wright

Tim Conn – Founder and Franchise System Builder at Image One Facility Solutions

Tim Conn is an Entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience. He started his first company at age 14! Tim’s current company, Image One Facility Solutions, was built on the experience of an earlier firm and has grown to nearly 100 crews servicing over 500 commercial facilities in the Chicago area. His goal is to grow Image One sales to a $50 million+ per year. He franchised the company to help others achieve their dreams by helping them be the best in the cleaning industry and build their cleaning business to the size that they desire. Tim works with franchise owners to develop a strategic plan to grow their business to their expected level of success.
Tim ConnTim ConnTim Conn

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