February 2, 2015 – 30 Years of Paving w Sarah Hammond & Tech Guru Scott McGregor Part 2

February 2, 2015 – 30 Years of Paving w Sarah Hammond & Tech Guru Scott McGregor Part 2

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Sarah Hammond – Owner  & Manager of The Rock Paving & Utility Construction Company and Host of The Edge, a women’s business center

Sarah Hammond has runs a paving business and her list of awards and accomplishments is amazing. She won the 2013 South Texas Better Busines Bureau Mary G Moad Ethics Award, is the 2014-2015 Chair of the Organization of Women Executives, is on the 2014 Better Business Bureau Governors Advisory Board, and is the 2014 President of S.C.I. (Woman’s Business Center). And on and on! Great interview on woman’s entrepreneurship too.

Scott McGregor – Advisor, Co-founder, Consultant and Executive to Tech Start-ups

Scott McGregor was with us 3-4 days ago, and there was so much more we wanted to talk about, so I had in back. Today we are going to talk about distorted reality fields and lot of other great things entrepreneurs need to know! Scott is an advisor and executive coach, using his experience as an executive and business co-founder. Scott is also the co-inventor of Web Conferencing for the Placeware Web Conferencing Center (AKA Microsoft Live Meeting). His experience in Silicon Valley helps his guide clients through their own technical leadership roles, and Scott shares his enthusiasm as a speaker on topics including innovation, start-ups, and product design. He is also the past President and Co-founder of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association for Software Design.

Scott McGregorScott McGregor

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