May 1, 2015 – Human Investment Jim Villwock, Finding Money Ryan Loro, Video Marketing Guru John Rizzo

May 1, 2015 – Human Investment Jim Villwock, Finding Money Ryan Loro, Video Marketing Guru John Rizzo

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Jim Villwock – Founder & CEO of Human Investment Advisory, Inc.

Jim Villwock and his team are the creators of the new system called Human Investment, which closes the gaps between the CEO and their Human Investment Portfolio. This should create cash, value, and market dominance and the company focuses exclusively on companies wanting to make a difference. This model, called Human Investment Leadership, includes CEO advisory services and maximizing company potential, ROI, and Return on Your Time. Jim also provides organizational consulting services to maximize employee engagement and performance. Jim also runs a sister company called Jobpreneurship.  His book, Jobpreneurship™ 101 – From College to Dream Jobs, is a must read guide on how to get the job or develop the career that you want. This book explains what is going on in today’s marketplace, why old job search methods don’t work, and how to follow the road map to job and career success.
Jim Villwock
Jim Villwock

Ryan Loro – President & CEO at Green Lab Financial, LLC

Ryan Loro helps you find free cash, found money, and monetary rewards! his company, Green Lab Financial, recovers funds and finds unexpected revenues. Ryan says there are dollars out there, waiting to be claimed by businesses like yours, if only you knew where they were and how to claim them. These funds come from a variety of sources. You may not even know they are there, and you probably lack the expertise, resources, auditing capability, time and manpower to try and claim your share. That’s what he does. Because it’s all they do, they’re geared up to do it efficiently. His team has dug up, claimed and recovered millions for our clients nationally. Best of all, Ryan operates on a contingency-based model. You only pay if they find you cash!
Ryan LoroRyan Loro

John Rizzo – Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Small Business Advocate

John Rizzo as a video marketing expert. His firm, InVidz, is the startup’s video marketing platform. Their smart video technology helps convert more viewers into customers during viewer engagement. They turn any video into a powerful interactive smart video that can generate more leads and impulse buys. By adding point-and-click simplicity right from your videos, your business can drive more sales. John is also an advocate and consultant in the thriving Charleston business community. He launched a local marketing firm as a college senior and was a consultant for’s publishing group. John has counseled hundreds of authors on book publishing, Kindle publishing, and overall internet marketing strategies. Today his other firm, GlobeOnDemand, provides online technical and marketing solutions for small and local businesses and they have clients in Charleston, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Tampa.
John RizzoJohn RizzoJohn Rizzo

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