December 4, 2014 – Healthcare Institute’s Ross Mason & Y Scouts’ Brian Mohr

December 4, 2014 – Healthcare Institute’s Ross Mason & Y Scouts’ Brian Mohr

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Ross Mason – Founder of The Healthcare Institute for National Renewal and Innovation

Ross Mason is a consultant who specializes in health care and public policy and works to help accelerate company growth through client acquisition, board development, and strategic partner relationship facilitating. He started HINRI, a venture philanthropy, as a platform for working with “portfolio partners” in efforts to serve the indigent and uninsured, autistic children, wounded warriors and their families, and victims of sex trafficking. HINRI also works with other institutions that have the same visions of protecting human rights. As the former Chairman of the Department of Community Health Board, former Chairman of the Metro Atlanta United Way’s Health Access Board, and former Chairman of the Board of Visitors at Georgia Regents University, Ross brings years of experience and expertise to HINRI. He is also the current Chairman of the Commercialization Advisory Board for the Rick Hansen Institute and serves on the Board of Directors of Street Grace.

Ross MasonRoss MasonRoss Mason

Brian Mohr – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Y Scouts

Brian Mohr is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Y Scouts, a purpose-based leadership search firm. The philosophy of Y Scouts is that the real competitive advantage in business is when you have developed a connection through a similar purpose. The approach the company takes is Purpose Discovery, Personality Discovery, and Profession Discovery. Brian believes that the best companies intentionally focus on living their purposes, staying true to their values, and inspiring their teams through their collective contribution to something bigger than the pursuit of profit.

Brian MohrBrian MohrBrian Mohr

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