April 8, 2015 – PPClick & PPCall Marketing w Rich Kahn & Get Famous w Mario Fachini

April 8, 2015 – PPClick & PPCall Marketing w Rich Kahn & Get Famous w Mario Fachini

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Rich Kahn – CEO of eZanga.com

Richard Kahn is co-founder and CEO of eZanga.com and has been a leader in the online industry since 1993. Rich has specialized in all things associated with online advertising and has been recognized as one of the most notable search engine marketing gurus. His fraud filtration platform, Traffic Advisors, set the standard for making sure you only pay for valid clicks or calls. In 1993, right on the cusp of the dot-com bubble, he created an e-magazine which later transitioned into his next endeavor, the First Street Corporation, an ISP, which he later sold to a publicly traded organization. Rich co-founded Paid for Surf in 1999, which reached its first million dollar revenue in five months of operation. In 2001, Rich joined advertising network AdOrigin as its COO and was instrumental in the successful turnaround and financial profit within three months of joining. He has been quoted in INC.com, DM News, ADOTAS, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, SmartCEO Magazine, Wired Magazine and Crain’s New York Business, and has appeared on the CNN television network. As leader of eZanga.com, he received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was a finalist in the American Business Awards for Best Executive of the Year.
Rich KahnRich KahnRich Kahn

Mario Fachini – National Speaker,YouTube Expert and Author of Video Marketing for Business Owners 2015: The Ultimate 7 Step Guide to Become the Expert, Authority, and Celebrity in Your Niche

Mario Fachini will capture your knowledge and will get you published, so you can been seen as the expert and authority in your field. He utilizes a special “insider’s” website and a unique press release format to guarantee this for any serious author, expert, speaker or celebrity. TRP recognizes him as a top professional in writing and he was one of only fifteen recipients of the 2013 S.T.A.R. Award for Becoming an Amazon bestselling author. He can also help you build great looking WordPress Websites in 59 minutes, even if you have no prior experience. His IWDNow Marketing will make your the authority of your message so when your company talks, your audience listens.
Mario FachiniMario FachiniMario Fachini

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