August 24, 2018 – Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Tim Eisenhauer, Tax Guru Craig Cody, and Relationship Impact Jack McGuinness

August 24, 2018 – Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Tim Eisenhauer, Tax Guru Craig Cody, and Relationship Impact Jack McGuinness

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Tim Eisenhauer – Co-founder of Axero Solutions and Author of Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?: Mastering Employee Engagement

Tim Eisenhauer is the president and co-founder of Axero Solutions and the author of “Who the Hell Wants to Work for you: Mastering Employee Engagement.” His company develops and markets Communifire, a social intranet and collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes. Over five million people use his software including clients like, TED, Toyota, Bravo, and Schneider Electric. He’s been featured in Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Inc Magazine,, CNBC, and other media.  He writes regularly on his company’s blog ( about employee engagement, management, and other workplace topics.
Tim EisenhauerTim Eisenhauer

Craig Cody – Founder/Owner of Craig Cody & Company and Author of Secrets of a Tax Free Life

Craig Cody is the founder/owner of Craig Cody & Company. Craig served 17 years as a New York City Police Officer (thanks for your service!) and he retired as a Lieutenant in September 2000. He had an opportunity to pursue his interest in finance and joined an international CPA firm. While he no longer is chasing “perps” down the streets of New York City, Craig still maintains the same type of rush and dedication to saving clients thousands of dollars in taxes and seeing the look of delight on their faces. His practice is rooted in tax planning, finding ways to legally reduce tax liabilities and keep more of what his clients earn. Each new client, corporate and personal, is given a tax analysis in which Craig reviews prior tax returns as well as current financials in order to identify missed opportunities and prior mistakes which resulted in unnecessary tax expenditures. Then, he implements a personalized plan to save the client thousands. As a Certified Tax Coach™, Craig belongs to a select group of practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies in order to become, as well as remain, certified. With this organization, he has co-authored an Amazon bestseller, “Secrets of a Tax Free Life.”
Craig CodyCraig Cody

Jack McGuinness – Partner/Co-Founder of Relationship Impact, LLC

Jack McGuinness is the Co-Founder of Relationship Impact, LLC. Jack developed a passion for building and leading exceptional teams whilst serving in the U.S. Army’s prestigious 10th Mountain Division. Jack helped build a successful boutique management-consulting firm where he served as COO for 13 years before co-founding Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on working with CEOs to unlock the potential of their leadership teams. Jack serves as a Senior Professional Instructor at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business and is a contributing writer for Chief Executive Magazine. He also holds an MBA from the Hagan School of Business at Iona College and a BS in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy.
Jack McGuinness