March 15, 2024 – Private Equity Guru Adam Coffey and Burn Out Emily Ballesteros

March 15, 2024 – Private Equity Guru Adam Coffey and Burn Out Emily Ballesteros

Adam Coffey – CEO, Operating Partner, Board Member, CEO Coach, Consultant, Empire Builder, Dealmaker, #1 Best Selling Author of Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion 

I buy companies from people who typically
don’t know they are sellers before I meet them.

Adam Coffey

Adam Coffey is an Empire builder, CEO coach, in-demand speaker, and three-time #1 bestselling author Adam Coffey builds high-performance cultures that drive transformative exponential growth. A CEO for more than two decades, he led three national private equity-backed service companies for nine PE sponsors, completing 58 acquisitions and realizing billions of dollars in successful exits. Coffey is a founding partner of CEO Advisory Guru, serving as management consultant and independent director to PE portfolio companies, family offices, and elite executives. His specialties include growth strategy, mergers and acquisitions, new business development, and exits. A proud US Army veteran, Coffey lives in Texas with his family. Read the transcript here.

Emily Ballesteros – Burnout Management and Author of The Cure for Burnout: How to Find Balance and Reclaim Your Life 

Burnout is doing more today than you can recover from tomorrow, repeatedly.
The people that tend to burnout most often are high achievers and people pleasers.

Emily Ballesteros

Emily Ballesteros holds a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology and worked in corporate training and development before launching her burnout management business. In addition to being featured in media such as The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, she regularly provides burnout training for corporations like PepsiCo, Salesforce, and Paypal, among others. Her book, The Cure for Burnout, is being published by Penguin Random House on February 13th, 2024.