March 14, 2024 – Ideas into Reality Grace Hawthorne and Strauss Naturals Wayne Elliott

March 14, 2024 – Ideas into Reality Grace Hawthorne and Strauss Naturals Wayne Elliott

Grace Hawthorne – Teaching at d. School (Stanford’s Design School) and Author of Make Possibilities Happen: How to Transform Ideas into Reality (Stanford Library)

The one skill that is always at the top is being Biased to Action.

Grace Hawthorne

Grace Hawthorne is the author of a quick and insightful guide called Make Possibilities Happen: How to Transform Ideas into Reality (with the Stanford Hawthorne has been transforming great ideas into actual products on the market for clients like Walmart for years. She’s a highly accomplished artist, designer, entrepreneur, educator, and creativity researcher. “This is the book I wish I’d had when I was starting,” says Hawthorne. “I want people to feel agency and understand that you already possess (almost) everything you need to make things happen.” She is the Founder/CEO of Paper Punk, an award winning Origami meets LEGO mashup that helps people exercise their creativity and Foldmade, an innovative work supply system that helps people get stuff done. As an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University’s design institute (aka: the, she teaches courses on creativity and failure and started a groundbreaking research project on creative capacity building published in Science and covered by Wired magazine. Previously, she founded ReadyMade, the culturally groundbreaking design magazine that ignited the maker movement, and led its acquisition by Meredith Corporation (NASDAQ: MDP). She co-authored the critically acclaimed book on reuse design, ReadyMade: How to Make Almost Everything (Random House/Potter). Her artwork has been exhibited in several national museums including the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum Triennial and you can find her products on shelves of mass retailers nationwide. She believes that (almost) everything is possible.

Wayne Elliott – Ship Recycling and Strauss Naturals Advocate

If you are rolling along in a business and all of a sudden, your
transportation costs double, you are in a whole new business
now. There are so many pitfalls out there these days. If I had to
generalize, in most businesses it is not a good time for considerable
growth. It’s a risky time.

Wayne Elliott

Wayne Elliott has been in the ship recycling business for 40 years. His company can take a 1000-foot-long ship and reduce it to a pile to reusable materials. He has grown into other areas such as battery recycling. He recounts his life-changing experience with SHD, a health supplement he stumbled upon after battling angina and its debilitating symptoms. Struggling with leg cramps, shortness of breath, night sweats, and chest pains, Wayne also grappled with anxiety and a lack of energy, resigning himself to the fate of heart-related issues that plagued his family. However, upon learning about SHD through a friend in Vancouver and being inspired by studies from renowned institutions like Harvard, Wayne decided to give it a try. Astonishingly, within two weeks of taking SHD, he noticed improvements in unexpected ways – his hearing returned, and his respiratory system cleared, leading to a significant boost in energy. Over the course of three months, Wayne transformed into a revitalized version of himself, feeling as energetic as he did decades ago. This transformation propelled him into a new phase of life where he actively engaged with others, becoming a spokesperson for Jim Strauss, the creator of SHD. Wayne’s involvement extended to radio shows and lectures, allowing him to share his incredible journey with thousands of people suffering from various health issues. His enthusiasm and dedication to natural health solutions led him to become a regular guest on radio networks in the USA and Canada, where he continued to spread the word about his positive experiences with SHD and its miraculous effects on individuals dealing with diabetes, heart disease, low energy, and clogged arteries. Wayne’s story highlights the power of painless, safe, and affordable health products, emphasizing the beauty of solutions that genuinely work. His gratitude towards Jim Strauss and the Strauss Heart Drops is profound, as he believes that without this intervention, he might not have been alive today, reinforcing the transformative impact of natural health remedies in the face of life-threatening conditions. Strauss Naturals is sponsoring the show with support for our radio-minute segments. Wayne says very simply that their products saved him. He became an advocate for the company and has been working with them for 29 years.